3 Irresistible THC-O Facts

3 Irresistible THC-O Facts

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As a retailer of hemp-based products, you likely have heard of one of the newest cannabinoids to hit the market: THC-O. In fact, you may be considering carrying it yourself or have already stocked your shelves with products containing THC-O. There’s a good chance you already know that this cannabinoid is created in a laboratory under controlled conditions, where acetic anhydride is added to Delta 8 THC to form THC-O-Acetate. 

If you’d like to know more about this new, hot cannabinoid, we at The Hemp Doctor have found three irresistible THC-O facts that will entice your customers to buy the product. So to help you get more of your share of this ever-expanding market, we’re going to let you know which of these facts are so attractive to consumers and give you more information to round out your knowledge about THC-O.

THC-O Has the Same Effect as Marijuana

Delta 9 THC, the main cannabinoid in marijuana, is the element that gives the user the high they experience when ingesting or inhaling marijuana. This cannabinoid is so popular and well-known that it is simply referred to as THC. In fact, most people have to be educated that there are actually several THC molecules, and each of them has a different effect on the human body. Delta 9 THC is the one that is known to give a head high and a feeling of euphoria to the user.

Now, in addition to the head high, the user will experience other sensations, depending on the strain:

  • Indica – The Indica strain of marijuana has a sedative effect on the body. Users accuse highly sedative strains, like the Kush variety, of giving them couch lock where it is hard to get up from any sitting or lying position. 
  • Sativa – The Sativa strain is preferred by some because it doesn’t have the sedative effect of Indica. In fact, some users feel more energized when they use marijuana from the Sativa strain.
  • Hybrid – This is actually a strain of marijuana bred as a combination of Indica and Sativa. Many users like hybrids because it gives them a relaxed feeling, but not too relaxed. They also have the head buzz but can think a little more clearly.

Now, hemp also is cultivated in these different strains as well. And not only does each strain grant its own physical feelings, but the terpenes in that strain also give the user a different experience in the flavor and aroma of any vape or smoke that features that strain.

The beauty of THC-O is that it is created from these different hemp strains. Therefore, it has the same physical effects on the body and mind as the marijuana strains, giving the user the same flavor and aroma experience. Therefore, your customers can try THC-O derived from different strains and get a varied experience every time! 

It Is Stronger Than Delta 9 THC

Now you already know that Delta 9 THC is the cannabinoid found in large quantities in marijuana. It is famous for giving the user the head high and the feeling of euphoria. So it is an attractive sensation for most people. 

However, some users have to ingest or inhale a fairly significant amount of marijuana to get the desired effect. One of the big attractions of THC-O is that it is reported to be three times as strong as Delta 9 THC. Having a three hundred percent stronger product benefits those who don’t want to smoke, vape, or ingest so much marijuana. Of course, everyone is different, meaning the effects may vary from person to person.

It is important to note to your customers that the main difference in effect is that THC-O takes longer to get into the bloodstream than Delta 9 THC. So whereas you would feel the effects of vaping Delta 9 within minutes, vaping THC-O could take 20 minutes or more before the effects are felt. So to avoid overdoing it, we advise our customers to take smaller puffs and wait 20-30 minutes before having more. 

THC-O Is Federally Legal

This is probably the number one fact that entices consumers. Marijuana remains illegal on a federal level. And even in states where it is legal, few have made it legal for recreational purposes. This leaves a large number of states where it would be illegal to use marijuana.

THC-O solves this problem of legality on a federal level. Because of the specific wording of The Farm Bill of 2018, any hemp-derived product that contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC is legal on a federal level. This makes CBD, Delta 8 THC, THC-O, and any other derivative of hemp federally legal. 

Because this cannabinoid is so new, many states have not addressed their stance on the legality of THC-O within their borders. However, logic dictates that their legal stance will likely follow their stance on Delta -8 THC, which most states have determined is legal.

The bottom line is that your customers can enjoy the same experience as vaping marijuana products. In addition, they don’t have to vape or ingest as much because THC-O is so much more potent. But the big kicker is that they can have a marijuana experience with all of the benefits because it is currently legal on both a federal level and in most states.

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