Amnesia Haze wholesale CBD Flower

Amnesia Haze wholesale is an uplifting and energizing Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain won 1st place overall in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and Best Sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup. Amnesia Haze has earthy flavors of lemon and citrus and is perfect for daytime use and clearheaded thinking.

With so many standout CBD flower offerings on the market, it’s hard to know which ones to choose for your own business. Customers will be more than impressed with the uplifting and energizing Sativa-dominant hybrid strain known as Amnesia Haze.

What Is Amnesia Haze Wholesale CBD Flower?

Amnesia Haze CBD flower is a hybrid strain from two parent strains, Indica-dominant Afghani and sativa-dominant Haze.

A Dutch breeder created the Amnesia Haze strain. It has great CBD potency paired with low THC content. As a result, customers can enjoy all the benefits of CBD without feeling a ‘high’ from the THC. No wonder it’s so highly sought after!

Then there’s the flower itself. It boasts a beautiful bright green hue with an attractive, earthy, spicy, and fruity aroma. Yes, the captivating scent is reminiscent of its parent strains, Afghani and Haze.

Fans of Lemon haze, Hawaiian haze, Jamaican haze, Lemon Thai Kush, and other buds with similar terpenes will enjoy this one. It’s sure to impress anyone who loves lemon or skunk flavors.

You don’t have to purchase Amnesia Haze wholesale from THD Wholesale for its looks and aroma alone. This flower is bound to be a customer favorite for how it makes them feel.

Many users say they feel energized, focused, and creative after using this CBD flower. As a result, it can be an ideal choice for daytime use.

Don’t take our word for it that the Amnesia Haze CBD flower stands out from the crowd. Take the word of competition judges. This strain won 1st place overall in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and took out the title of the Best Sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup.

THD Wholesale is proud to make Amnesia Haze wholesale CBD flower available to hemp businesses throughout the United States. Choose from 3.5g or 7g weights and give your customers the choices they’re looking for. Don’t forget to check out our Amnesia Haze wholesale prices and our complete range of hemp products online.

Why Does Amnesia Haze CBD Flower Stand Out?

There are many desirable CBD hemp flowers available for consumers to buy. The Amnesia Haze strain undoubtedly fits into that category. You might decide to make your wholesale order after learning how Amnesia Haze stands out.

Captivating Aroma

Amnesia Haze has both subtle and pronounced aromas. You’ll have no trouble identifying the earthiness nearly immediately. However, this flower also has hints of pine, citrus, pepper, and fruits. It truly captures the very best aromas of nature.


The versatility of Amnesia Haze flowers is worth mentioning. After buying this CBD flower for your hemp business, customers can consume it in multiple ways. You can infuse Amnesia Haze wholesale CBD flower to make juice or tea or even vape it with specialized dry herb vaporizers. If you’re feeling extra creative, using CBD flower to create edibles is also possible. The options are nearly endless!

Quick Effects

Are you customers looking for something fast-acting to help them relax? Amnesia Haze wholesale could be the answer. Many people report near-immediate effects after smoking or vaping. Those who transform their CBD flower into edibles typically see results within 30 minutes to an hour.

Despite the mild effects, CBD is limited in most states to users who are 21 years of age or older. Make sure you verify laws in your local area.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication, and keep out of the reach of children.

Why Buy Amnesia Haze CBD Flower From THD Wholesale?

You have choices galore as a hemp business owner. Why choose Amnesia Haze CBD flower from THD Wholesale? We can give you more than one reason.

High-Quality Hemp

We don’t mess around with poor-quality hemp. Every product we create starts life as our organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. We grow our hemp in nutrient-rich soils here in the United States, with our farmers adopting 100% organic practices.


You want to provide safe products for your customers. We share that same vision. We prioritize safety in all our products – from the soil to store shelves. Our Amnesia Haze wholesale CBD flower is grown under strict guidelines using only high-tech farming processes. These processes and our high-quality hemp allow for non-toxic, regulated, and unrivaled hemp goods.

Reputable Business

Reputation is everything in the hemp world. Customers only shop with businesses they can trust. This means you need to be able to trust your suppliers. THD Wholesale has worked in the hemp industry for over a decade. We are renowned for our high-quality products – from CBD flower to concentrates to edibles and everything in between.

Competitive Prices

Customers don’t want to spend the earth on hemp goods. That starts with us. We provide our hemp businesses with competitive Amnesia Haze wholesale rates to help you keep your customers happy. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our bulk pricing and expansive range of hemp goods.

Buy Amnesia Haze Wholesale Today

Are you looking for hemp products with that ‘wow’ factor? Look no further than Amnesia Haze CBD flower from THD Wholesale. With high-potency CBD and low THC, Amnesia Haze can be a recipe for success.

If you’d like to learn more about this unique Sativa-dominant hybrid or for more information about our wholesale pricing, contact THD Wholesale. We go all out to support our retailer customers. Contact us to learn other facts about this strain straight from our growers. We can provide details about this strain’s flowering time and growing conditions. We’re also happy to answer any questions about our policies.