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Broad Spectrum

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Co2 Extracted Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Full Spectrum

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Co2 Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (oil)

Product Description

Known as the mother of all cannabinoids, CBG is the hemp-derived molecule that has reignited interest in the already-booming CBD industry, and The Hemp Doctor is once again ahead of the curve, offering wholesale CBG and CBD oil tinctures for bulk purchase!

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) has been the show-stopper for recent years as the holistic wellness industry experienced a drastic shift after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed. The bill legalized all derivatives of the complex and versatile hemp plant, as long as they contain no more than .3% THC.

While all eyes were on CBD, researchers began exploring the benefits of cannabigerol (CBG for short), the cannabinoid found in large amounts at the start of the hemp plant’s life cycle. Through photosynthesis, CBG-a (cannabigerol acid) synthesizes into the dependable and effective CBD, CBC, CBN, THC, and more.

Using advanced technology and cutting-edge techniques, researchers found that, when isolated and refined, higher levels of CBG could elevate an already-effective CBD product. This perfect intersection of nature and science led to creating our potent and balanced CBG and CBD tincture, and customers could not be happier about the results they experience.

Buy Bulk CBG and CBD Tinctures from The Hemp Doctor

If you want to impress your customers and stay ahead of the hottest wellness trends, buying bulk CBG/CBD tinctures is a great way to keep your inventory fresh and attractive.

At The Hemp Doctor, we offer two equally attractive options to choose from:

  • Wholesale Broad-Spectrum CBG and CBD Oral Drops – Our certified organic wholesale broad-spectrum CBG and CBD oil come in two enjoyable flavors: Natural Flavor and Lemon Flavor. Both options feature our beautiful blend of a whopping 1000 mg of CBG and 1000 mg of CBD in each bottle, delivering maximum benefits quickly upon administration. Our broad-spectrum tincture is a robust blend of cannabinoids. However, it is free of all detectable traces of THC.
  • Wholesale Full-Spectrum CBG and CBD Oral Drops – Our most potent formula to date – our full-spectrum CBG/CBD oil is available in three delicious flavors: Lemon Flavor, Natural Flavor, and instant best-seller – Skittlez Flavor! Each tasty variation can be purchased in either 1000 mg size or 2000 mg size, depending on your preference. Like all of our full-spectrum hemp products, this powerful CBG and CBD oral drop feature a dynamic blend of beneficial cannabinoids, including up to .3% THC. This trace amount of THC complies with federal law and will not produce psychoactive side effects upon use.

At The Hemp Doctor, both our wholesale broad-spectrum CBG and CBD tinctures and our bulk full-spectrum CBG and CBD tinctures are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and held to exceedingly high standards for quality. You can be sure that our potent CBG and CBD oils are:

  • They are made from organic, American-grown hemp. Expert cultivators farm our prolific hemp plants to preserve the powerful ingredients in every leaf, flower, and stem.
  • Certified vegan, certified organic, GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified, and GMO-free. Only the finest, cleanest, most responsibly-curated ingredients and practices are used to create our premium quality CBG/CBD tinctures.
  • Batch tested by a trusted independent third-party laboratory. Everything we sell – including our CBG and CBD oral drops – endure a rigorous third-party lab analysis for maximum transparency and proof of purity. Each unique lab report can be conveniently accessed via our website or by scanning the Q.R. code on every label.
  • It is extracted using the CO2 method. Known as the gold standard in the cannabis industry, this is the most scientifically-advanced and precise extraction method. We will never sacrifice quality for convenience, and our diligent practices result in truly superior quality products.

We pride ourselves on offering only the best, most refined hemp, CBG, and CBD wellness options on the market today, and the quality of our products is second to none.

CBG and CBD: Two Powerhouse Ingredients in One Bottle

Even though CBG is getting a lot of attention lately, CBD is not at risk of losing momentum. Individually, both compounds are capable of offering a wide range of wellness benefits naturally. However, like any great team, combining the two noteworthy ingredients is a recipe for an even more powerful and effective product.

Research indicates that a blend of superior cannabinoids offers consumers a more intense and satisfying wellness experience. The ingredients work synergistically when interacting with the body and its natural systems to deliver benefits. This trendy phenomenon is often referred to as The Entourage Effect.

Put simply; The Entourage Effect is the idea that a blend of potent ingredients is more capable of delivering a well-rounded wellness experience than an isolate (one single compound). Together, the potential benefits are amplified as the ingredients work harmoniously in the body.

We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the very best experience, so with this elevated knowledge, we thoughtfully craft phytocannabinoid-rich health and wellness products, like our CBG and CBD Oil Tinctures, to deliver the highly sought-after Entourage Effect.

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