D9 THC Nerd Ropes

Go back in time with our dispensary grade D9 THC Nerd Ropes. Whether you were at the movies or the ballpark, nerd ropes have always been the perfect sugary snack of our youth.  These edibles are loaded with 50mg of Delta 9 THC per piece, and available in Pink Lemonade, Orange Crush, and Grape Soda flavors in each jar, for a total of 150mg per container.  Perfect for any outdoor, relaxing day, we engineer these ropes, using our Premium Delta 9 THC distillate, so be prepared to feel like you did years ago!!
Warning: 50mg per piece.  Keep out of reach from children
Servings per rope/piece: 4
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Single Jar, 6pk (6 Single Jars)


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