Delta-8 THC Crumble

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If you have current or potential clients who like to vape Delta 8 THC through dabbing, then they are going to love the fact that you carry Delta 8 in a crumble. This is a highly concentrated form of Delta 8 THC created by distilling Delta 8 down to a solid. At the end of the process, we employ a technique to create an opaque-looking distillate that has the look and consistency of crumbled feta cheese. By using a dabbing rig, your clients will enjoy the ease of use and exact measurement that is offered by these Delta 8 THC Crumbles.

Each of our packages of Delta-8 THC Crumbles contains 2 grams of crumble and is available in the following strains:

  • Maui Wowie
  • Pineapple Express
  • Super Lemon Haze

Each strain contains 106.3 mg of Delta 8 THC with 825.7 mg of CBD in the 2-gram package.

The Importance of Purity in Concentrates

Concentrates like our Delta 8 THC Crumbles are enjoyed by using what is known as a dabbing rig. The essential elements of how it’s used are that the bucket of the rig is heated to a red-hot temperature, then a small amount of crumble is placed in the bucket with a dabber rod. The user then inhales through the mouth of the rig while the hot bucket vaporizes the crumble.

As with any element inhaled through the lungs, the purity of that product is essential to the user’s health. Any impurities in the crumble would be inhaled into the lungs along with the vape smoke and cause damage to the bronchial tubes. This is why we at The Hemp Doctor have all of our concentrates, such as our Delta 8 THC Crumble, tested by an independent laboratory, and we post those results directly on our website. By doing this, we give you the peace of mind that you are retailing a safe and effective product.

Lab Results

D8 Crumble


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