Hemp cannabinoid products took the US by storm after its legalization. New cannabinoid products quickly emerged from labs and enthusiastic hemp breeders—not just purer and more potent forms of CBD but entirely new-to-market cannabinoids like Delta-8. That was just the beginning.

Even if you aren’t caught up yet, you can be sure that your customers are. Are they already asking for cannabinoid products you don’t yet keep on your shelves? Have you recently taken questions about brand-new formulations of Delta-9, THCA, or advanced CBD blended to produce the coveted entourage effect?

This guide is your one-stop destination for learning about the latest best-selling formulations and why your customers are so eager to try them. For each one, you’ll find out where they belong in your collection, and customers may appreciate a recommendation based on their past purchases.

The Latest Vapes—D9 and New Signature Blends

Vapes have always been one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabinoids. The latest formulations improve on the characteristics customers already love, namely strength. Some of the latest formulations have been packed with D9 and newer high-strength cannabinoids.

(Legal) Delta-9

Yes! That’s right. You can now stock vapes with Delta-9 THC in your stores, which are fully federally legal. We accomplished this by closely committing to the federal limits on the amount of THC. Our D9 vapes pass the legal test while still supplying an exciting, genuine THC experience. This formulation is not legal in states where any THC content is restricted.

Tip: Legal delta-9 is a big advertising point if you don’t live in a state where Marijuana is already legal. Customers who enjoy any kind of cannabinoid vapes may want to know that these cannabinoid products are now available in your store.

Blended vapes

These vapes are another popular new option that is exciting cannabinoid customers all over the US. Rather than consisting of just one cannabinoid, they blend several popular options together to create an entourage effect. For example, this new vape includes a blend of Delta-8, Delta-9, and other cannabinoids.

The Latest Edibles (Including new THCA)

Edibles have always been beloved for their discretion, extended (and often heightened) effects, and their niche as a nice alternative to smoking. The latest formulations have been applied to edibles in some new and interesting ways.

D9 Edibles

Edibles infused with federally legal delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol are now available. These latest formulations are available at some incredible potencies thanks to how the federal law works.

The legal limit is based on total weight. Edibles weigh much more than oils, waxes, and powders, so they can be packed with D9 as long as the total weight of the THC does not exceed 0.03%.

As you can see from the example below, it’s possible to fit well over 200MG in a single brownie!

Tip: The introduction of D9 edibles to your stock may be exciting for any of your customers. If you live in a legal state, you may be able to attract customers who typically use cannabis stores by offering a similar product at a much lower price.

Super-High Potency Edibles

While the amount of THC in these edibles is limited by federal law, we can reinforce the effects with other cannabinoids. Through formulations of Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and Live Resin, we’ve created edibles as potent as 500MG per piece.

Often, your best customers are going to be the ones who care the most about having access to more potent formulations. Many cannabinoids create tolerance when used frequently. A higher potency ensures that high-tolerance customers still get the effects they want.

Tip: All edible enjoyers may appreciate a recommendation for these new formulations. However, they are likely to be just as exciting for customers who want the most potent cannabinoid products on the market of any kind. Recommend these edibles to customers who love vapes and other high-strength cannabinoid products.

The Most Advanced CBD Blends

Not all of the latest formulations are intended to deliver strong psychoactive effects. In some cases, the cannabinoid industry has just gotten better at delivering a purer experience for customers who crave the mild effects of CBD and related active ingredients.

Newer, full-spectrum CBD formulations have been a big hit. These cannabinoid products combine a signature variety of compounds (for example, CBD/CBG/CBN/D8 in this case) to deliver more predictable and reliable effects. There are many other new blends to try with different levels of cannabinoid content and expanded terpene and flavonoid options.

Tip: Recommend these new formulations to your fans of CBD concentrates, creams, and sublingual tinctures. Customers who use CBD for chronic pain relief may experience more potent effects from the latest formulations.

Make The Right Choice in Cannabinoid Products Today!

With the growing demand for CBD cannabinoid products, you have endless opportunities as a business. You can choose the correct formulations that align perfectly with your business and target audience.

From wellness-centric cannabinoid products to those tailored for relaxation or recreation, there’s a formulation for every unique niche at THD Wholesale.

So why not embrace the potential that cannabinoid formulations provide? You can curate a selection that meets and enhances your customers’ experiences.