If you’re wondering what’s new in the world of cannabinoids, cannabis alternatives, and hemp products, you’ll always be able to find the answer here. Below, you’ll see all of our latest wholesale cannabinoid products as they become available for order at our exclusive wholesale pricing.

Keep your customers excited with all of the latest hemp-derived products, including edibles, vapes, distillates, tinctures, oils, and topicals. From the latest high-quality CBD products to the buzziest HHC and THCA products, it’s all here for your customers.

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Why Carry The Latest Cannabinoids?

You should carry the latest wholesale cannabinoids because wholesale cannabinoid lovers are always looking for something new. Whether you have customers that love the effects of broad-spectrum CBD or the heady feeling from Delta-8, they’ll want to try something new eventually. Here are some other reasons to consider carrying the latest cannabinoids:

Get the Latest Concentrations

Our products aren’t made from industrial hemp. Our flowers and hemp extracts are taken from carefully cultivated strains grown in the USA. Our budtenders always work to improve our hemp plants’ strengths, concentrations, and effects.

Attract More Customers with Improved Flavors

In addition to improving the strength of our flowers and concentrations, we are constantly working to improve the flavors. Our hemp flowers are carefully selected to deliver the most desirable terpene profiles. You’ll always find out the latest strains and blends listed here.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

Many wholesale cannabinoid products have caught on recently due to word-of-mouth promotion. When the next cannabinoid catches on, the storekeepers that are ready will be the ones that benefit. 

New Wholesale Cannabinoid Product FAQ

This collection includes the greatest variety of products that we offer, including some that may not be offered by any competitors yet. Here are some answers about items from our stock you or your customers may have.

What is the difference between indica and sativa products?

You may see some of our new wholesale cannabinoid products advertised as indica, sativa, or hybrid (a combination of the two). These terms refer to different lineages of hemp plants that are largely responsible for flavor and effects. 

Citrusy-tasting sativa developed in North America, while floral-scented indicas developed in India. Originally, the two reportedly had distinct effects. Sativa was widely associated with cerebral effects and curiosity, while Indica was associated with drowsiness and “couch lock.”

At this point in history, nearly all strains that exist are hybrids. Both the effects and the tastes likely reflect a mixed lineage. However, these terms can still be helpful in describing the goals of cultivation. Sativa-identified strains are often cultivated to ‘capture’ the sativa-associated taste and feeling the same way Indica strains are for indica effects.  

What are new blunts?

Our rotation of new products often includes blunts from our latest hemp CBD, Delta-8, or other types of flowers we offer. Blunts are made from ground flowers rolled into a natural plant casing. 

The plant materials used for the casings may be made from hemp leaves or tobacco leaves. All of our blunt products use hemp leaves for the casing exclusively.  

Customers who are always seeking out the most potent product may appreciate a blunt recommendation. Regardless of the active ingredient, our blunts are crafted to the highest quality and able to produce effects fast. 

What are new vape products?

You will frequently see vape products listed among our new wholesale cannabinoid products. Customers will often ask for vapes as soon as a new cannabinoid catches on due to the popularity of vaping and the ease of using vape formulations in customized devices.

Vape products will appear here when the latest wholesale cannabinoid or new flavors have been completed and made available for shipping. In addition to new flavors, you’ll find that our new stock includes our latest sizes, disposable devices, or strengths.

What are diamond-infused pre-rolls?

Diamond-infused pre-rolls include flower that has been rolled in paper and sprinkled in sugar diamonds infused with oils. Our sugar-diamond products are a luxurious way to enjoy flowers. You’ll see the latest strains listed here when they become available.

Talk To Our Team About The Latest Wholesale Cannabinoid Products

If you have questions about our products or distributor policies, our team offers complete support to retail customers. You’ll be glad to know that all of our products are carefully third-party lab tested to ensure they are safe and THC-free to the legal limits. 

Customers who love new products may still not know about all of the high-quality Delta-9 THC alternatives that we offer. Impress your customers with selections from across the world of hemp, including hemp oils, full-spectrum CBD oils (with CBN and CBG for an entourage effect), CBD tinctures, Delta-8 products, and more.