Are you looking for the best cannabinoid flower on the market? Then bring your customers the awesome taste and endless adaptability of our hemp flowers. We carry a massive variety packed with careful concentrations and the most in-demand terpenes.

We’ll keep your customers returning for more with the savings you can offer them through our great prices on bulk hemp flowers. Attract new and repeat customers with our classic and groundbreaking hemp flower strains featuring all the hottest cannabinoids.

Like all our products, our flowers start with US-grown hemp plants that have been bred for their cannabinoid density. CBD flower, Delta-8 flower, and THCa flower are available at competitive wholesale rates for retailer customers. 

We have all of the cannabinoids that your smoke shop customers demand, and we’re constantly expanding our stock with even more cannabinoids and new forms like vapes, edibles, and oils.

What Is Wholesale Cannabinoid Flower?

Wholesale cannabinoids flower is a term that encompasses all of our flower products, regardless of their active ingredient. Flowers are buds that have been directly cut from the hemp plant, then trimmed, dried, and cured. 

These flowers can be used in any joint, blunt, or pipe your customers may own. It can also be turned into oils, edibles, or tinctures for even more opportunities.  This is not industrial hemp. These hemp flower strains have been carefully coaxed to express desirable terpenes found in classic indica and sativa strains.

Beyond the non-psychoactive bulk CBD flower, a lot of this wholesale hemp flower can produce strong psychoactive effects. Here are just a few of the strains that you may find listed in our stock depending on supply:

  • OG Kush
  • Gelato
  • OG Lime
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bubba Kush
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Amnesia Haze

All types of flowers are included here, including bulk CBD flower, Delta-8 flower, and our latest THCA flower.

Is Wholesale Cannabinoid Flower Legal?

Our wholesale cannabinoid flower is grown and formulated to comply with federal laws that allow the sale of Delta-8, and CBD-rich flowers grown from compliant hemp plants. The Farm Bill of 2018 cleared the way for distributors to ship compliant hemp products nationwide. 

All products are prepared or processed to meet federal limits of 0.03 Delta-9 THC by weight. We use third-party lab testing and other safeguards to ensure our products comply with these limits.

What Are The Differences Between Cannabinoid Flowers?

There are several types of cannabinoid flowers available for sale now, and they may appeal to very different segments of your customers. Below, you can find some information about these flowers and the types of customers who might appreciate a recommendation.

CBD Flower

Our CBD flower is grown to have high concentrations of the cannabinoid CBD. This non-psychoactive active ingredient has recently been studied for its pain relief properties. It has been approved as a treatment for some disorders.

Consider recommending this flower to customers who are looking for a calming experience. Your customer’s experience may vary, but users typically experience mild pain relief, anxiety relief, and other light benefits without harsh side effects.

Delta-8 THC Flower

Delta-8 flower has a high concentration of the cannabinoid Delta-8. This cannabinoid is considered to be psychoactive. Most customers report that it is less potent than typical cannabis, but actual effects may depend on tolerance, body weight, and many other factors that are difficult to predict. 

Recommend that your customers start with a small amount first (perhaps enough to fill a one-hitter device) and experience the effects over an hour or so before committing to a larger amount. 

THCA Flower

THCA flower is a newcomer to the world of wholesale cannabinoid flower. This cannabinoid is closely related to THC. This cannabinoid is often said to produce an excellent “entourage effect” of different cannabinoids. Depending on the preparation, the effects can be very close to Delta-9 THC.

Why Buy Wholesale Cannabinoid Flower To Carry In Your Shops?

You should consider wholesale cannabinoid flowers if you want to be able to offer the most natural form for every type of cannabinoid your customers love. There’s no limit to what can be done with flowers. Here are some ways your store can benefit:

Appeal To Customers Who Love The Earthiest Option

All of our products are made to the highest quality, and their safety is backed by third-party lab testing. However, even we can understand the simple pleasure of enjoying a natural bud. It tastes fresh, can be used in so many ways, and fulfills a desire to be closer to nature. 

Sell Papers, Filters, Grinders and Other Accessories

Customers who love flower products need ways to process those flowers for their preferred uses. They also need a lot of maintenance products to protect their devices and keep them clean. When you offer flowers, you can sell many other products alongside them.  

Talk To Our Team About Wholesale Cannabinoid Flowers

Our team would love to answer any remaining questions you may have about our flower products. We offer complete support to our retail customers. If you’d like to see our special wholesale prices for our CBD hemp flower, please complete a retailer application for a wholesale account.

We carry many other products that are sure to please your flower-loving customers. Help them save time on grinding by offering pre-rolls. Offer CBD oils to customers who want to save a step on extraction when making flowers into edibles. 

If you’re shopping for edibles, you’ll find some select options here. We sell gummies, chocolates, and other edibles with high-quality cannabinoid oils and distillates. Contact us with any questions.