Shop bulk flowers with CBD to suit all of your customer’s needs. We carry a complete stock of popular CBD flower at great wholesale prices. Our collection includes beloved strains like Wedding Cake, OG Lime, and Amnesia Haze, with new CBD hemp flower strains arriving regularly.

Browse all of our bulk-priced CBD flower below. Underneath our products, you’ll find some helpful information for our smoke shop-owning customers. Our distributor team is always here to answer any other questions you may have. 

What Are Wholesale CBD Flowers?

CBD flowers are the flowers of hemp plants that have been bred to produce notable amounts of CBD as the active ingredient. These flowers also typically contain trace-to-high amounts of other cannabinoids along the spectrum, including CBG and CBN. 

The flowers are snipped directly from the plant, and are then dried and cured to make them more shelf-stable. They can be used for many purposes directly from the container.

Why Should My Store Carry Wholesale CBD Flowers?

Your store should carry CBD flowers for customers who always want you to have the natural, least processed option on hand. Despite many advances in distillation and technology, many CBD customers like to get their CBD from the most natural source of all.

There are many other reasons CBD appeals to the average smoke shop customer. Here are some that you should consider when planning your next order:

Great Natural Taste

The natural taste of terpenes has been beloved for centuries. Our strains are chosen for quality, including the great natural scents and tastes that can come across in the terpene profiles.  Whether your customers prefer the citrus zing of sativa or the floral headiness of indica, we should have some wholesale hemp flower to fit their tastes.

Easily Made Into Other Forms (Like Edibles)

Flower is loved by fans because it is easily converted into nearly any other form by users who know their way around a kitchen. Our CBD help flower can be used to craft hash, concentrates and tinctures.

Great for Smoking and Vaporizing

Your customers will love that they can enjoy dry flower in many different ways. Flower can be ground and made into pre-rolls and blunts. Alternatively, your customers can drop the ground flower into a vaporizer for a different kind of smoking experience.  

How Do Wholesale CBD Flowers Compare To Other Products?

CBD flowers are a popular option that can be compared to many other kinds of flowers on the market. Your customers may also appreciate our Delta-8 flowers or Delta-9 flowers.

Wholesale CBD Flowers vs. Delta-8 Flowers

One difference between these two flowers is the effects. Growers, tenders, and customers generally report that Delta-8 produces psychoactive effects that are like a milder delta-9 THC. Shoppers looking for alternatives to cannabis may appreciate having a lighter, but still high-quality option.

Like our bulk CBD flowers, Delta-8 flowers can be ground up or concentrated for use in pipes, vaporizers, and baked treats. 

Wholesale CBD Flowers vs. Delta-9 (THCa) Flowers

THCa flowers also have different reported effects compared to CBD hemp flowers. THCa is said to be nearly identical to THC in effects, though THCa is inert at room temperature. 

FAQs About Wholesale CBD Flowers

You can absolutely buy bulk CBD, and you do it right here at THD Wholesale. You may notice that our prices are not automatically displayed. You must apply as a business owner to qualify for bulk prices. When you’re done, you’ll have access to all of our most exclusive wholesale prices

We can legally ship to most states as the Farm Bill of 2018 has made compliant CBD flower legal to ship nationwide. Some states may impose their own restrictions on hemp products. Please ask us if you have any questions about ordering to your state. 

CBD flower is just one part of an explosion of CBD products that have taken the market by storm in recent years. Flower continues to have a group of fans that will pay premium prices for premium flower buds.

More Questions about Wholesale CBD Flower? Let Us Help!

Our team is here to answer any remaining questions you have about our wholesale CBD flower products. Contact us now, and let us know how we can help your business choose the right THD Wholesale products.

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  • CBD vapes: For customers who do want the most modern methods, CBD is available in vapes. See our complete stock of them here. We also carry vapes for many other popular cannabinoids.
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