If you want to provide a compelling option for customers who already love your selection of CBD, you’ll need to carry a selection of wholesale pet CBD products. Customers who have already experienced the effects of CBD may appreciate that they can now try to provide the same sense of relief and wellness to their cat or dog.

We currently carry two kinds of pet products, now available at our competitive wholesale prices. First, we have delicious beef-flavored treats for your beloved dogs (though they can also function as cat treats). We also have a concentrated CBD pet tincture that can be dosed onto food with a simple dropper.

What Is Wholesale Pet CBD?

Our collection of wholesale pet CBD, including pet oils and chews, covers all the CBD products we offer for pet care. CBD is a popular cannabinoid that many people have studied and experimented with for its potential benefits.

CBD may help humans with appetite, mood regulation, pain relief, and other problems. If you want to see if it can relieve your pet’s discomfort, you can find a full selection of carefully-dosed products for cats and dogs.  

Why Do People Give Their Pets CBD?

Your customers may have many reasons for providing CBD to their pets. Understanding some of these reasons may help you target the right customers and make the right kind of recommendations:

Old Age

Old age is a common concern among people who want to experiment with broad-spectrum pet CBD. Elderly pets may experience discomfort when attempting to bond with owners or move about their own homes. CBD may help to relieve these symptoms without the dangerous side effects that come with some painkillers.


It is typical for small pets, including both cats and dogs, to experience uncomfortable amounts of anxiety during frequent events. Your pets can be panicked by thunderstorms, fireworks, house parties, and many other stressful events.

CBD can provide light relief to pets during these events without creating a dependency. Our full-spectrum CBD blends are made to the highest quality. They are THC-free to help ensure they don’t contribute to any additional anxiety.   


Few pets enjoy the experience of being boarded while their owners are traveling. For some, it can be traumatizing. CBD may help your furry friend manage the days until you return. Simply provide the supplements to the boarding house, and they can make sure your pet’s care includes CBD.

Wholesale Pet CBD FAQs

Pet CBD is a new product, and it’s not surprising that you or your customers may have questions. Below, we’ve included answers to some of the most common questions about these CBD pet products. 

Our pet CBD is available at some of the best bulk prices right here. However, you’ll need to complete an application to see our special rates for retailers. We can only provide these pet CBD rates to customers who own stores. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is legally available nationwide under the Farm Bill of 2018. Our hemp is grown and processed to comply with this law, including the rules that limit the amount of THC to 0.03% by weight.

States may impose their own laws against cannabinoids or against providing cannabinoids to animals. If you have any doubts about the local legality of these products, you should consult an attorney. 

The pet CBD industry was estimated at nearly $200 million dollars in 2022, and is expected to grow significantly this year through 2030. Around an estimated quarter of pet owners have tried out CBD

All of our CBD is sourced from the same USA-grown compliant hemp plants. This CBD is concentrated, submitted to third-party lab testing, and checked for purity before being used for any purpose. You can trust your plants are getting the same high-quality CBD that you are.

Encourage customers to try their own experiments with CBD. This cannabinoid is not associated with serious adverse effects. Your customers may learn that a dog or cat may not like the taste, or that it may not provide the expected benefits, but this can be tested without exposing the animal to any danger. 

Many customers report pet CBD provides relief for about one to four hours. Naturally, many factors may play a role in how your pet is affected, including body weight, past experience with CBD, and the intensity of the issues the CBD is meant to treat.

You should not give your dog CBD edibles meant for humans. This is not because CBD is dangerous, but because there is a good chance other ingredients might be. For example, dogs cannot safely eat chocolate.

Dogs also cannot always easily digest grains or sugars that may be included in peanut butter or baked goods. Gummies or cookies might upset their stomach. For your pet’s safety, please only provide them with pet treats that have pet-safe formulations.

Talk To Our Team About Wholesale Pet CBD

Our wholesale team would love to help answer any questions you have about our pet CBD products. THDWholesale’s growing collection of pet products may open a whole new customer base for your shop. Contact us if you want to know anything else about our pet products, shipping policies, or other topics.