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If you’re new to CBD, you’ll find a thorough introduction to this compound in the section below, alongside some reasons this product is popular, how it compares to other cannabinoids, and answers to some of the most common questions you’ll get from your customers.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are food items supplemented with the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD). They are intended to produce the reported physical effects of CBD, including relaxation.  

What Is CBD?

CBD is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid that can easily be found in cannabis and hemp plants. When derived from hemp, it is federally legal under the Farm Bill of 2018. 

When taken by mouth, CBD enters the bloodstream and attaches indirectly to cannabinoid receptors that are naturally present in the body. These receptors are responsible for managing signs that your body sends you, including feelings of pain.

CBD is THC-free when isolated. It will not produce the same psychoactive high. As for non-isolate products such as flowers, all of our products adhere to the legal hemp-derived THC limit of 0.03% by dry weight or less. 

Unlike some other cannabinoids that have only been lightly studied, CBD has been officially approved for medical use.  The FDA has approved a purified CBD formulation for seizures, and other CBD drugs are currently awaiting review and approval. 

CBD has proven easy to produce in abundant amounts from federally-compliant hemp. As a result, CBD products are often more affordable than products made from other cannabinoids. They are usually at price points that encourage your customers to experiment and try different flavors to find out what they like. 

What types of CBD Edibles Are Available?

CBD has been converted into many different forms of edibles. Your customers may enjoy any of the following options:


Gummies are a classic edible that allows customers to carefully control dosage and enjoy CBD throughout the day without catching unwanted attention. It’s usually a popular seller due to its convenience. Our gummies are also available in vegan formulations that don’t use gelatin. Your customers may appreciate having the option. 

Full-Spectrum Consumables

Full-spectrum CBD consumables are edibles that include related cannabinoids (such as CBN and CBG). Full-spectrum gummies are meant to offer as many related cannabinoids as possible, while broad-spectrum gummies may be limited to certain cannabinoids. They are believed to provide more comprehensive benefits and reinforce some of the effects of CBD. 


Chocolates are a beloved edible option that, like gummies, are easy to use in controlled doses without attracting attention from nearby strangers. Our chocolate bars are segmented so your customers can easily break off just the piece they need and get started.

What Other CBD Products Are Available?

Your customers may appreciate some of the other popular wholesale CBD products available. This list of products is constantly growing as CBD continues to benefit from word-of-mouth and promising research. Watch regularly for new bulk CBD edibles to arrive.

Why Carry CBD Edibles Wholesale Products?

You should carry CBD edibles because they appeal to many different customers. In particular, edibles have some advantages worth considering:

Wide Range of Price Points

CBD edibles are one of the most affordable ways to enjoy cannabinoids. These edibles generally come in at a lower price point than delta-8 or delta-9 THC products. This can help you attract customers who might otherwise be priced out of giving these products a try.

Like any product, you can also find premium CBD products with a higher-than-average price point due to superior quality or practices. You have a lot of room to match the needs of your local customers.

Discreet and Odor-Free

CBD edibles typically smell like the treat they most resemble, whether that’s a gummy candy or cookie. They do not leave a cannabis plant-like stink on clothes and containers when they are carried throughout the day.

Some items may be intentionally flavored with natural terpenes to taste like classic sativas and indicas. Even when terpene-flavored, the marijuana smell is only detectable when the edible is close to the nose.

Popular for Many Uses

You can appeal to many customer segments with CBD. This cannabinoid has attracted interest from insomnia communities, chronic pain communities, bodybuilders, wellness communities, and more.

How Do CBD Edibles Wholesale Compare to Other Cannabinoid Products?

CBD edibles exist in a big world of other CBD products, and your customers may have questions about how different forms compare to one another. Here are some simple guidelines based on what our clients and their customers have told us about using different CBD forms.

How do CBD edibles compare to CBD flowers?

CBD edibles and flowers are considered by many to have comparable effects. People often report that smoking delivers the effects more quickly, while the effects from edibles last longer and may be more powerful for some people.

Edibles are often more convenient than flowers for concerts, movies, camping trips, and other events where you need to be respectful of strangers. Edibles don’t produce a strong, obnoxious smell, and they look identical to normal treats outside of their package.

How do CBD edibles compare to CBD concentrates?

CBD edibles are typically made with concentrates. You can think of edibles as a controlled dose of concentrate suspended in a tasty treat. Your customers will likely react to edibles as they would react to the same dosage in concentrate.

Customers who are not satisfied with the dosage that they get from edibles can use concentrates to make edibles at the potency they prefer. The potency levels that are already available in our edibles have already proven to be effective.

How do CBD edibles compare to topicals?

Customers focused on the possibility of pain relief may ask you the difference between CBD edibles and topicals that are applied directly to the skin. Experimentation is one of the most effective ways for customers to determine which offers the most relief.

How do CBD gummies compare to THC gummies?

CBD gummies and THC gummies offer a fundamentally different experience. CBD doesn’t have THC’s psychoactive properties. The effects will come across as mild and relaxing compared to the psychoactive experiences that are possible with THC.

How do CBD edibles compare to Delta-8 edibles?

CBD edibles offer a different experience compared to delta-8 edibles. Delta-8 is a hemp-derived cannabinoid often described as having psychoactive effects similar to a milder THC. It is considered less potent in general than THC.

CBD Edibles Wholesale FAQs

CBD is still a new product too many people. You will likely get questions about where it comes from and why it’s used. The following questions and answers should help you provide more information to whoever has questions.

Customers report different effects from CBD edibles. The most reported effects include relief of pain, tension, or tightness in the body. 

Though research is ongoing, early studies suggest that CBD produces measurable effects when used to treat depression and anxiety. Some customers have embraced CBD as a way to calm anxiety and sadness. These effects are not as well-studied or understood as the physical effects, but your customers may wish to see for themselves.

Compared to other cannabinoids, CBD is often reported as one of the best for mild general pain relief. Customers who have used CBD regularly often report using it for 

  • Before bed to calm anxious thoughts
  • Before movies or performances to reduce feelings of restlessness
  • At the end of the day, to relieve aches from the workday

The time it takes for your customers to feel the effects of CBD edibles will depend on their own physiology, the amount of CBD that they’ve taken, and possibly other factors. 

Edibles are often reported to be noticeable within an hour or so. Edibles can have prolonged effects compared to some other delivery systems, such as vapes. 

CBD edibles are used by many as a potential sleep aid, though it has not been medically approved for that purpose. 

The mechanism that makes this active ingredient popular among troubled sleepers is not well studied or understood. CBD is believed to impact serotonin levels, and serotonin imbalances are theorized to play a role in insomnia.  It will take more research to prove or understand any connection.

You should not drive while using CBD gummies. While CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects as THC, it does alter mood and consciousness on some level. The side effects may have unstudied impacts on your judgment and coordination; always drive sober. 

Some research has demonstrated the possibility of nausea, fatigue, and irritability as side effects. These side effects are not universal and may depend on body chemistry, dosage, and other factors. Fortunately, edibles allow for controlled doses so customers can easily test how their body reacts to each dose.

Recommend that your customers always check the packaging for dose information. The effects of edibles may take several hours to appear, so it’s easy to accidentally take a larger-than-planned dose by taking a second dose before the first one has taken effect.


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