Delta 8 Wholesale Products

Delta 8 Wholesale Products

Delta 8 Wholesale Products

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Delta-8 is a popular hemp-derived cannabinoid sold in many different forms. Smoke shop customers flock to Delta 8 vaporizers, edibles, soft gels, and other products due to the reputation this cannabinoid has developed.   

We’re proud to carry some of the best Delta-8 THC products online, available to ship to your US business at wholesale prices. 

Now that you’ve browsed the Delta-8 selection above, you may want to know more before ordering these products for your store. Below, you’ll get a complete introduction, learn why your customers choose Delta-8 and find out why it can be sold legally.

What Is Delta 8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Delta-8 THC or Δ8-THC, is a psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in hemp and cannabis plants. In recent years, it has become popular as a cannabis alternative and has the benefit of being recognized as federally legal (more on that later).

The popularity and ample supply of Δ8-THC following legalization led to many innovations. Now all of the following Δ8-THC products can be sold in stores:

Delta 8 Edibles

Delta-8 is reported by many users to have a strong and lasting effect when digested. That may be why so many edible products for Δ8-THC sell well. Naturally, we carry popular options like Delta-8 gummies. 

You’ll be able to keep gourmand customers satisfied with—

    • Rice treats
    • Caramels
    • Chocolates
    • Peanut butter nuggets
    • Taffy
    • Chewy fruit candies

Just the products that are available right now offer your customers a ton of variety, but this market is still growing fast. Watch for more new edible  Δ8-THC options to drop soon. 

Delta 8 Vapes

Vapes are among the best-selling Δ8 products because customers like the convenience and the rapid onset of effects. You can stock cartridges that contain delta-8 distillate or live resin and are ready to attach to a compatible battery. 

Customers may also appreciate it if you carry disposable vapes. These products include the vape cartridge and the battery so that customers can turn them on and use them right out of the box. 

Both the cartridges and vapes come in several sizes and pleasing flavors. 

Delta 8 Tinctures

Δ8 tinctures suspend the active ingredient in oil. The bottle cap of the tincture includes a dropper so that your customers can apply perfectly-sized portions to wherever they want. 

Tinctures may be used by your customers to achieve rapid effects (when dropped under the tongue), to mix with food and drink, or to combine with other cannabinoids to achieve a full-spectrum effect from consumption. 

Delta 8 Flower/Smoke

Delta 8 flower refers to hemp flowers sold with high levels of Δ8. These concentrations don’t occur naturally, so Δ8 flower is often a CBD flower treated with Δ8 distillate.

Flowers can be smoked or vaporized in a herb vaporizer. It can also be prepared for edibles. These products are sometimes sold as pre-rolls, with the flower material already ground and rolled into a joint. 

Some enhanced flower products, such as moon rocks, are also available. These are nuggets covered in distillate and kief, and are popular with customers that want the strongest experience. 

Customers may appreciate that these flowers can be sold with terpene profiles that make them smell and taste similar to traditional cannabis indica and sativa flowers. Hemp flowers have been bred to resemble strains like sour diesel and northern lights.

Delta 8 Concentrates

Δ8 concentrates are named for the high concentrations of the active ingredient. They are often used as food additives, though the more solid ones may be used in dab rigs and other devices for smoking concentrates.

Any condensed form of Δ8 may be considered a concentrate, including—

    • Crumble: This is a concentrate that has been distilled down to a solid. As the name suggests, it is crumbly and easily separated for closely controlled doses. 
    • Shatter: This is an extremely concentrated product that may be composed of 75% pure Δ8 or more. They need to be kept in cool environments such as freezers to stay fresh.
    • Softgels: These are concentrates contained in soft gel tablets so that they can be swallowed quickly without any unpleasant taste. They tend to behave similarly to edibles. 

Why Do Customers Want Delta 8 THC?

You’ve probably seen Δ8 for sale at many places around you. This product is growing and spreading fast, but you may be wondering why. Here are some reasons customers like to have access to Delta-8 products and some ideas for how you can market them properly.

Milder Effects Than Delta 9

This product is preferred by some customers because it offers a milder experience than Delta-9 THC. Fans of this lighter experience include both new users, and long-time cannabis users who want to experiment with a lighter touch.

Euphoric Feelings

Customers often report that Delta-8 provides a euphoric experience. It has been compared to the one that Delta-9 THC offers, though it is noticeably milder.

Many Different Forms (Edibe, Smoke, etc.)

Delta-8 is only matched by CBD in the number of forms you can enjoy. From the highest quality concentrates to affordable edibles, there’s something to fit every preference.  

Wide National Availability

For now, Delta-8 is widely available and reasonably priced. This makes consumers feel more comfortable about enjoying it and interested in exploring what’s on offer.


Can I Sell Delta 8 THC Legally?

You can sell Delta-8 products legally in the United States. This was not true until recently, but it all changed with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. 

This bill removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and no longer criminalized any hemp-based product that was not THC. Hemp plants were required to consist of less than 0.03% THC, but beyond that, any other byproducts weren’t governed.

Delta-8 is produced from these law-compliant hemp plants. It is considered a semi-synthetic cannabinoid because, while naturally occurring, it is more efficient to create with a laboratory process.

Your state may impose its own restrictions on Delta-8 products, the processes that create them, or any kind of hemp. Contact state government resources for business owners, or consult with a lawyer if you need to know if you can carry Delta 8. 

FAQs About Delta 8?

Delta-8 and other cannabinoids are still a new phenomenon for many stores and customers. Here are some additional answers to questions you may have and answers you may be asked by your customers.

Can I get Delta-8 shipped?

Delta-8 products that comply with the law are legal to ship federally. You may experience more shipping problems based on the type of product you are shipping or the state you are attempting to ship to. 

Some products are more difficult to ship, but not because of the Delta-8. A series of laws designed to target tobacco vapes made the shipping of all vape devices more complicated. However, shopkeepers have found ways to handle online shipping while staying within the bounds of the law.


We typically have no problems shipping delta-8 products, including vapes, to registered businesses.

How much Is a lot of Delta-8?

Your customers may ask you what constitutes “a lot” of Delta-8 for first-timers. Recommend that customers begin experimenting with small amounts of Δ8 to find the dosage that makes them the most comfortable.

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Does Delta-8 show up on drug tests?

Delta-8 may be flagged as cannabis on drug tests. This is not necessarily because the tests target Delta-8 but because they target a full spectrum of cannabinoids and related chemicals. Some of those cannabinoids are also in Delta-8 and can easily be flagged.

This may result in a false positive for THC consumption. 

Can enough Delta 8 get you high?

Delta-8 has documented psychoactive effects. It has been reported to alter moods and create sensations. Many who have tried both Delta-8 and traditional cannabis report that Delta-8 has similar but milder effects.

Is Delta 8 or THC-O Stronger?

THC-O is another popular cannabinoid that is often carried alongside Delta-8. While different people may react differently, many users have reported significantly stronger effects from THC-O than Delta-8.  

Delta-8 is considered to have milder effects than Delta-9, and THC-O is considered by many to be much stronger than Delta-9. 

Need to Know More about Carrying Δ8?

Our team would love to answer any further questions you may have about carrying our bulk Delta-8 in your store. We have been distributing different Delta-8 products to customers and stores for years. There is almost nothing we can’t tell you about it, and lab tests are available on request.

We can also answer questions about our products, prices, or shipping policies before you buy Delta 8 from us. Contact us through any of the forms you find here.