Delta 9 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Daytime Gummies

D9 CBD gummies wholesale are taking the stage of the cannabis market. Consumers are searching for convenient and enjoyable ways to consume Delta 9 THC, and gummies are continuously in demand. Adding D9 CBD gummies wholesale to your shelves will surely surprise seasoned cannabis consumers and those with a sweet tooth.

The Hemp Doctor’s delicious D9 CBD gummies wholesale are federally legal, with the D9 being derived from 100% USA-grown, organic hemp.  Each container packs 375mg of Delta 9 (12.5mg per piece) and 450 mg of CBD (15mg per piece). These gems are perfect for a relaxing evening!

These are vegan/pectin and contain no gelatin.

Prepare to watch this product fly off your shelves when carrying our D9 CBD gummies wholesale. The market is ripe for this type of product, and we’re happy to provide it so that you can offer it to your customers.

These delicious treats in tangerine, elderberry, and watermelon flavors come in 30-count jars. But it’s not just the flavor and fun that will bring your clients running. It’s the ability to legally get the same experience as they would with a marijuana edible. Your customers will likely find that they get an even better experience without the unwanted side effects because of the CBD cannabinoid being so prominent in the formula. Beyond providing pleasurable experiences, Delta 9 from marijuana has undesirable side effects such as anxiety and paranoia in some consumers. Having CBD in the recipe fills in gaps and tames some unwanted effects while emphasizing all the best Delta 9 can offer.


Physical attributes like weight, body chemistry, and tolerance will affect your store’s customers’ experiences. We suggest starting by biting into ⅓ of the gummy. Because this is an edible, it will likely take up to two hours to take effect. If, after that time, they don’t feel the desired benefits, advise them to bite into another ⅓. Have your customers continue this way until they find the amount of gummy that works best for them.

The Hemp Doctor 2-Part Promise

When you carry Hemp Doctor products at your retail outlet, you can count on us to fulfill our two-part promise.

We promise to bring you the latest hemp-derived products on the market today and;

We promise that those products will meet our exacting standards for purity and quality.

We fulfill the second promise by setting a standard that all of our products must meet.

First, they must begin with hemp grown exclusively in the United States.

Second, they must be created from hemp oil derived using scientifically advanced methods. Finally, they must pass laboratory testing for content and quality.

Don’t risk your store’s reputation by carrying inferior quality products. Instead, offer the newest and most potent products in the market today. Carry The Hemp Doctor!

Why Carry the D9 CBD Gummies Wholesale

There are a variety of benefits associated with these D9 CBD Gummies wholesale. Here are a few reasons why your store should carry them:

Convenient and Portable

Your customers will love the fact that you can carry these goodies with you anywhere you go. These are also discreet and are the most convenient ways to consume CBD and Delta 9 THC compared to other methods of consumption, such as flowers, requiring more time and equipment.

Variety of Flavors

With various flavors to match their preferences, your customers can rest assured that their taste buds will thank them! From a fruity Berry Blast to a juicy Tangerine Gummy and more, there’s a flavor for every customer. These are also perfect for those who do not enjoy the taste of CBD oils or tinctures and are looking for a tastier way to consume Delta-9 and CBD.

Entourage Effect

The “Entourage Effect” refers to effects caused by mixing different cannabinoids, such as CBD and Delta-9 THC. These can work together to give your consumers a better result than when they consume CBD and D9 separately.

Enjoy the slow onset of Effects

By following the dosage requirements listed above, your customers can enjoy the slow onset of effects compared to other consumption methods, such as inhalation. This provides a more soothing and relaxing experience and reduces the chances of experiencing any sudden side effects.

Supplement Your Wellness Routine

By consuming these D9 CBD Gummies wholesale, consumers can take their wellness routine to the next level. They can add them to their supplement/vitamin routine every day to feel the great effects soon after!

As with all of the products we offer to our retailers at The Hemp Doctor Wholesale, it is essential to point out that we always recommend you speak to your local medical professional before integrating these into your daily routine and to AVOID these when operating any machinery or if you are pregnant.

Purchase D9 CBD Gummies Wholesale

Make sure your customers experience the captivating and relaxing qualities of the blend of CBD and Delta 9 THC blend today!!

Reach out to us for all wholesale and bulk sales inquiries on our contact us page. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in providing your customers with these products.

At The Hemp Doctor Wholesale, we are proud to stand behind the quality of our hemp-derived products. Unlike other competitors in the CBD market, we provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for all of our products on our lab results page. This ensures that you can provide your loyal customers with a high-quality and tested product!

Pass along any questions or concerns, and feel free to explore our wide range of high-quality products on our shop page. By offering a range of hemp-derived products, including gummies, vapes, and flowers, supplying our products will ensure you offer your customers a way to experience the benefits of Delta 9, no matter their taste or preferred method of consumption! We look forward to serving you and helping you meet the demands of the ever-growing CBD and Delta 9 markets!

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