Delta 9 THC/CBD Full Spectrum Daytime Gummies

These delicious Delta 9 THC gummies are federally legal, with the D9 being derived from 100% USA grown, organic hemp.  Each container comes with 375mg Delta 9 (12.5mg per piece) and 450MG of CBD (15mg per piece). These gems are perfect for a relaxing evening!

These are vegan/pectin, and contain no gelatin.

Prepare to watch this product fly off your shelves when carrying our Delta 9 THC/CBD Blend Gummies. The market is ripe for this type of product, and we’re happy to provide it so that you can offer it to your customers.

These delicious treats in tangerine, elderberry, and watermelon flavors come in 30-count jars. But it’s more than flavor and fun that will bring your clients running. It’s the ability to legally get the same experience as they would with a marijuana edible. In fact, they are likely to find that they get an even better experience without the unwanted side effects because of the CBD cannabinoid being so prominent in the formula.


Physical attributes like weight, body chemistry and tolerance will affect your customers’ individual experience. We suggest starting by biting into ⅓ of the gummy. Because this is an edible, it will likely take up to two hours to take effect. If, after that time, they don’t feel the desired benefits, advise them to bite into another ⅓. Have your customers continue in this way until they find the amount of gummy that works best for them.

The Hemp Doctor 2-Part Promise

When you carry Hemp Doctor products at your retail outlet, you can count on us to fulfill our two-part promise.

  1. We promise to bring you the latest hemp-derived products on the market today; and
  2. We promise that those products will meet our exacting standards for purity and quality.

We fulfill the second promise by setting a standard that all of our products must meet.

First, they must begin with hemp grown exclusively in the United States.

Second, they must be created from hemp oil derived using scientifically-advanced methods. Finally, they must pass laboratory testing for content and quality.

Don’t risk your store’s reputation by carrying inferior quality products. Instead, carry the newest and most potent products in the market today. Carry The Hemp Doctor!