What Is CBD Concentrate Wholesale?

Wholesale CBD concentrate is a CBD product that has been condensed into a highly-potent form. Different types of concentrates will allow your customers to easily enjoy high doses in the form that is most effective for them.  

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate powder is a chemical component that can be extracted from cannabis plants

This product contains nearly completely isolated CBD, with all waxes, oils, and other plant byproducts removed. They are the opposite of full-spectrum CBD products and contain only CBD concentrate bulk of the highest purity possible.

Isolate is among the purest concentrates available, with concentrations as high as 99% CBD. Due to the removal of moisture and oils, it appears as a crystalline powder. Isolate can be used in many ways, including: 

Isolates, due to the removal of all plant matter, do not smell like cannabis. They don’t have a scent at all. They can be easily stored or transported without leaving uncomfortable smells on containers or clothing. You can find isolates for other related cannabinoids, including CBG isolate.

Shop CBD Concentrate Wholesale

Stock the CBD concentrates your customers are clamoring for.  CBD is one of the most popular cannabinoids around, and it’s associated with a range of reported positive benefits, including the relief of pain and anxiety. Not all of CBDs’ famous benefits are just based on experiences. This cannabinoid was one of the first to be FDA-approved for use in seizure medication.

Now you can stock CBD concentrate for your shop at wholesale prices. We have an exclusive price list available for clients who complete our wholesale application. When you’re confirmed, you’ll have access to prices for a range of popular CBD concentrate wholesale products in all the flavors and formulations your customers love.

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If you’re new to CBD products, the information below can help you catch up on everything you need to know. You’ll learn what CBD concentrates are, what forms they can be purchased in, and answers to questions you’ll get from your customers.

Why Carry CBD Concentrate Wholesale Products?

You should carry CBD concentrates because they have the effects that your most dedicated CBD customers want. Your customer will appreciate:

The Most Potent CBD Effects

Carrying concentrates allows you to offer your customers the highest doses of CBD that are available on the market. These are products that appeal most to enthusiasts and CBD fans who are willing to pay premium prices.  

Great Value Per Active Ingredient

CBD concentrate wholesale are some of the most affordable concentrates available compared to concentrates from delta-8 or delta-9. These concentrates can help you offer price points that invite customers to try cannabidiol for the first time.  

Perfect for Precise Dosing

Concentrates are some of the easiest CBD materials to dose carefully. Your customers can carefully choose enough material to rest on a pin or a nice dollop for a dab rig. Despite the heavy concentration, this CBD can be used as lightly and carefully as any other type just by controlling the amount of material used.

How Do CBD Concentrates Wholesale Compare To Other Cannabinoid Products Wholesale?

Concentrates can be compared to many other popular CBD products. If your customers ask, the following comparisons may help you guide them to the experience they want. 

CBD concentrates vs. CBD vapes: CBD vapes typically contain a small amount of concentrate material activated by heat. The effects of a vape will be similar to dabbing CBD concentrates. 

CBD concentrates vs. CBD edible: CBD edibles also contain concentrates, though typically in small, precise amounts, so that the dose can be safely controlled. Most concentrates are also safe for use in edibles

CBD concentrates vs. CBD flower: CBD flowers are significantly less potent than concentrates. Concentrates are usually made from significant amounts of the flower. 

CBD concentrates vs. Hemp Oil: Hemp oil is a fundamentally different type of hemp product than these concentrates. CBD concentrate wholesale are built around pure or nearly-pure CBD as an active ingredient. Hemp oils are typically formulated to capture the full spectrum of compounds in hemp plants (including those unrelated to CBD or THC) and don’t contain any active ingredients at significant levels. Hemp oils are often produced from industrial hemp or personal gardening operations where the plants aren’t bred to produce CBD or other materials at high levels.  

CBD Concentrate Wholesale FAQs

You will likely get a lot of questions from your customers about how CBD concentrate wholesale makes them feel. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions and placed them alongside helpful answers. 

Many customers have reported that CBD dabs can lead to feelings of euphoria, clear-headedness, and calmness. Many customers take CBD dabs for issues ranging from moderate body pain to anxiety. 

CBD oil is a type of concentrate, but it will look and behave differently than other concentrates. First, oils are in a liquid state that allows them to be easily poured or dropped. Most other types of concentrates are more like soft wax that holds its form when cool. 

Oils must also contain some solvent to remove CBD and other natural compounds. Alcohol is the standard solvent used for tinctures due to its wide availability, affordability, and antibacterial properties. 

Concentrates are about as strong as any type of cannabinoid gets, and all of our concentrates are highly potent. You can find the total amount of CBD by percentage on the side of any of our bottles of concentrate.

Concentrates have the same effects reported for other forms of CBD, except in a concentrated form. Due to the concentration, it is easy to create doses of high potency in cases where it may be necessary. 

CBD concentrates will last a long time when stored properly. Concentrates will generally be at their highest quality in the first six months after they’re opened. Some concentrates can stay good for several years. Please check your product packaging for expiration dates.

The best CBD concentration for sleep may depend on many factors, including body chemistry and personal tolerance. Customers new to experimenting with CBD may experience effects from just 10 to 20 milligrams. 

Some people with sleep problems prefer to go as high as 25 to 30mg. You’ll have to do your own experimenting to find out what amount works best for you.

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