Wholesale Vapes

Wholesale Vapes

Wholesale Vapes

“Vapes” is a popular term for devices that deliver vapor for inhalation by heating wax, oils, e-liquids, e-juice, or other materials. The name comes from the fact that these devices are designed to heat materials beneath the burning point. It is vapor they produce and not smoke. 

Most vapes work by powering a heating element when users activate the device. When users inhale, the airflow pulls the interior material toward the heating element, creating vapor. 

These devices have become an important part of the market for CBD, Delta-8, and other similar products. They belong in any modern stock of hemp-derived products.

You may want to know more about these vape wholesale devices before you carry them in your store. Below, you’ll learn what kind of vapes are sold, why they’re a hit with shoppers, and what makes these products legal.

What Kind of Vapes Can I Sell?

You can sell a rapidly growing number of vape products for the hemp-derived market. These devices are popular worldwide, and they frequently see innovations in form, function, and battery life. 

Due to the popularity of vapes, you will often see new hemp-sourced cannabinoids debut as vapes before they appear as other types of products. 

Vapes with hemp-derived waxes and oils are sold in the following forms—

  • Disposables: Disposable devices include a cartridge prefilled with wax or oil and a charged battery to use it. Customers can activate and use the product as soon as it is turned on. When the oil cartridge is exhausted, the entire disposable vape pen can be thrown away. They are typically not refillable, though rechargeable disposable vapes exist to ensure customers get the full value from their purchase.
  • Cartridges: When vapes are sold as just cartridges, the battery is not included. Your customers use these vapes by screwing them onto existing batteries that they own like a sort of replacement pod. Cartridges are preferred by some fans of vapes who own high-quality batteries and dislike the small batteries built into disposables.

The following vaping products and many more are now available to sell:

  • CBD Vapes: These vapes make the popular cannabinoid CBD easy to transport to whenever your customers want to be. The calming, non-psychoactive effects that users report make these vapes ideal for mild relief during the day. 
  • Delta-8 Vapes: These vapes are some of the most popular on the market and also some of the most competitively priced compared to other popular cannabinoids. Customers have reported that these vapes produce a milder psychoactive experience than cannabis, but with similar effects.  
  • HHC Vapes: These vapes deliver HHC, a compound created by modifying THC. Customers report that these vapes can have a similar effect to cannabis. However, effects may take longer to develop.

THC-O Vapes: These new arrivals are popular with customers who report an even stronger experience than cannabis. Check out our complete THC-O stock for some other options.

Why Carry Disposable Vapes?

Vapes are popular because many people who enjoy hemp-derived products find them more discreet, mobile, and light on maintenance. 

Vapes are Discreet

Discretion is one of the top advantages that vapes offer. Smoking is not allowed in most public spaces, workplaces, and in many housing contracts, but not all ban vapor. Compared to smoke, vapor only produces a light smell that doesn’t linger. The devices can be used indoors and in cars.

Vapes are Mobile

Additionally, vapes are highly mobile. Many disposable vapes are about the same size as a lighter, and the cartridges can be paired with batteries about the same size and length as standard writing pens.

Vapes Don’t Require Maintenance

Finally, vapes require little maintenance on the part of customers. Disposable vapes are meant to run out around the time the battery fails, so they don’t need to be maintained or disassembled for cleaning. Cartridges also don’t require maintenance, though the batteries sold separately may.

Fans who want to enjoy a completely customized vaping experience can also invest in their own rigs and fill their own cartridges with Delta-8 or other kinds of distillate. They can buy batteries with well over 1000mah, the highest quality mesh coils and atomizers, and other components.

These products for vaping enthusiasts can become a great source of revenue for vape shops or shops that just carry vaping devices.  Carry the items your customers need for custom vapes such as mod kits and replacement coils.

Can I Legally Sell Vapes?

You can most likely legally sell vapes in the United States. This is because the vapes sold in bulk here are federally legal. They can be carried in all 50 states as long as your state is not one of the few that have not directly banned some cannabinoids.

You may be surprised to hear that vapes containing cannabinoids can be legal. The fact is that many of these products only became legal recently. Everything changed for the industry when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. 

The farm law removed industrial hemp from the formal list of controlled substances as long as the plants had less than .03% THC. THC was the only hemp ingredient that remained restricted. 

This effectively legalized the production and sale of all non-THC ingredients that could be naturally produced from the hemp plant. Hemp-derived CBD, Delta-8, and other active ingredients were legal federally, even if the same chemicals drawn from a cannabis plant were not.

HHC is artificially produced (though naturally occurring in micro amounts) by hydrogenating THC. The THC used for this process can be derived from hemp. 

FAQs About Vapes

Vapes have become massively more popular in just the last few years. You may still have questions about the place these products have in your stock. Here are some answers to common questions about vapes. 

Can I sell vapes on Facebook?

Facebook generally bans ads that promote the sale or use of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or other products that simulate smoking. Influencers on the network are also banned from promoting these products.

You should always check the latest rules before promoting vapes on any social media network. You can find some of the rules for different networks here.

What do vapes taste like?

Vapes are sold in natural, sweet, tangy, and herby flavors. Depending on the product, there may be dozens of different flavors for your customers to try out.

Vape cartridges are often flavored with terpenes. Terpenes are naturally found in plant oils (including the hemp plant) and are responsible for many of the strong scents and tastes associated with traditional cannabis. 

Natural terpenes provide an authentic flavor for customers who want legal or lighter alternatives. However, not all customers will want their vapes to smell like natural cannabis. You will also be able to find flavors to satisfy these shoppers. 


The concentrate of any popular cannabinoid, such as CBD, can be flavorless. Vapes may be flavored artificially to taste like anything from fruits to popular desserts.

Can you ship vape products?

Shipping vapes is a complex matter that may depend on the laws of your particular state.

The USPS and several other private carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, have announced rules that ban the shipping of vape products to individual consumers. These rules ban certain e-cigarettes, vape juices, and e-cig-related products. 

While most of these rules are designed to target tobacco products and distributors, many of them cover items (such as vape batteries) that are used for hemp products.

Compliant CBD and Delta-8 are legal to ship on FedEx, UPS, and DHL, but vaping devices meant to use these products may be covered under different rules.

Vapes containing some materials may not be legal to supply to every state. Before you order Delta-8 vapes, confirm you don’t live in one of the few states they have been made illegal. 

This rule does not prohibit businesses from shipping to businesses

You can also ship vapes if you choose a shipping option that requires adult ID verification. This shipping option requires purchasers to present their ID at delivery and prove they are 18 or 21 years of age, depending on the product. 

Carriers charge extra for this service. Some stores pass this charge on to their customers at checkout, while others incorporate it into their prices. 

What effects do vapes have?

The effect of any vape will depend on the material inside the cartridge. Delta-8 is often compared to a mild cannabis effect by those who’ve tried it. HHC vapes are described as similar. THC-O vapes have been described by some fans as even stronger than normal cannabis.

Unlike the others mentioned so far, CBD vapes are not psychoactive. Customers who try these vapes often report that they bring on a short-term calming effect.

How many times can you puff disposable vapes?

Your customers will typically enjoy between 100-500 puffs from vapes.

How many times you can puff disposable vapes depends on many factors, including the design of the unit, the size of the cartridge, and how your customers use it.

Design features on the vape may increase or decrease the amount of vapor you can pull from one draw. Some designs allow more airflow, while some batteries will engage safety shutoff earlier than others—preventing long draws. 

Disposable cartridges are also not uniform in size. Vapes are typically sold in one of the following three sizes:

  • 0.5g
  • 1g
  • 2g

The largest sizes have 4x as much material as the smaller sizes, resulting in many more puffs.

User preference may also affect the number of puffs drawn. Many batteries and disposable vapes include temperature controls. Higher heat will typically vaporize more material per puff. Long, heavy draws will also drain the material faster.

What do customers need to use vapes?

Your customers will not have to make other purchases before using a vape if they choose a disposable one. CBD, Delta-8, and most other cannabinoids can be purchased as disposable vapes. These all include both the material and the battery that will be needed to activate the device. 

Most disposable vapes come charged, but there are often charging ports if the customer has a compatible cord. 

To use cartridge vapes, your customers need an existing battery. Batteries range in price from $10-$200+. Many stores that sell vapes also choose to carry batteries or starter kits that include batteries for their vaping customers to purchase. 

Will a vape get flagged by the TSA?

Your customers may ask you if a vape will get flagged by the TSA. Vapes are a popular way of unwinding before and after flights, and your customers may want to ensure they won’t lose their new vape when they go through security.

The TSA has banned vapes only from checked luggage. These are the bags stored in the cargo area during the flight. While this may sound like a policy against vapes, the policy is intended to prevent fires from rechargeable batteries. The rules for carry-on vapes are much friendlier.

The TSA allows you to store your vaping device in your carry-on luggage and on your person. It will likely be identified by the metal detector because of its materials. Still, the TSA agent is supposed to return it after inspection (the same inspection your phone or laptop might get). 

Remember that cannabis products are banned, and agents may be required to dispose of any material they suspect to be cannabis. Let your customers know they should ensure vapes can be identified as legal products for TSA agents. Either leave them in packaging or keep receipts. 

Further Questions about Carrying Vapes?

Our team supports shopkeepers, and we’re here to answer any other questions they may have about our products. Contact us today using any of the forms listed here. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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