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What Are HHC Cartridges?

HHC carts wholesale contain HHC (hexahydrocannabinol)  in a solution that allows it to be enjoyed as vapor through a typical vape pen setup. Your customers can screw the connector at the base of the HHC vape cartridge into any compatible pen battery and begin activating it immediately. 

Real flavor terpenes from hemp plants are added after the HHC is isolated to ensure a high-quality and authentic taste. Your customers will control their settings from battery devices, but these cartridges typically deliver a low-temperature, smooth experience for those who are fans of vapes.     

HHC carts wholesale are one of the popular options for vaping, but there are other HHC vaping alternatives available. Customers may also request other methods, such as disposable vapes or distillate in dab rigs. You can shop many other wholesale HHC products now available on our website, including:

What Is HHC?

HHC is a naturally-occurring cannabis compound In hemp and cannabis plants. It is one of several hemp-derived cannabinoids that is known to have a psychoactive effect, along with delta-10 and delta-8 THC.  

In natural plants, HHC only exists in trace amounts. However, it can be produced synthetically through a process called hydrogenation that converts excess THC compounds into HHC.

This process is currently in a legal gray area (though strictly hemp-derived HHC is federally legal). HHC is sold in amounts that may not be legal if the same amount was still in its THC form. There is an ongoing debate about whether HHC should still be regulated under the same rules as its original form.  The product remains on shelves across the US.

Why Carry HHC Carts?

You should carry HHC carts wholesale if you have customers who are looking for a potent vape experience that’s different from the one offered by delta-8. Many customers have described HHC as sort of being a step up from delta-8, falling somewhere in the middle between delta-8 and typical THC.

Here are just some of the reasons that your customers may request more types and flavors of HHC carts wholesale in your stores:

HHC Is Reportedly Nearly As Potent As Delta-9 THC

Many users have reported that HHC offers a comparable experience to delta-9, the compound that provides the psychoactive effects in normal marijuana. It is not considered as potent, but some customers will prefer the middle ground.

Some sources have reported that people feel less anxiety when using HHC compared to THC. This will take more testing to confirm fully, but customers looking for a less anxious alternative to THC vapes may prefer HHC. 

Legal in Most States

HHC derived from hemp is federally legal. However, states can still impose their own restrictions on cannabinoids. So far, HHC remains legal in most states in the U.S. There are a few exceptions that it may be helpful to know before you make your order.

States where HHC is NOT legal

  • Colorado: This state does not allow the sale of modified cannabinoids within its borders. Any HHC that has been synthesized will be illegal in this state. 
  • Utah: Nearly all intoxicating cannabinoids are illegal here. While the law doesn’t specifically prohibit HHC, the state agency responsible for approving products has never approved any HHC or delta-8 products, and is unlikely ever to do so.
  • The compound may exist in a legal gray area in the following states:
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • Idaho
    • Illinois
    • Iowa
    • Mississippi
    • Nevada
    • New York
    • North Dakota
    • Washington

This information may not be up-to-date for all states. You should always consult a lawyer if you have questions about selling HHC carts wholesale legally in your state. 

Flavors to Fit Every Taste

HHC vapes are made from popular flavors that will excite customers who are fans of cannabinoids. Most (though not all) vapes are flavored with terpenes to have a familiar marijuana taste.

Terpenes are a group of organic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for the characteristic flavors and aromas of different plant species. They can cause cannabis plants to smell strongly earthy, citrusy, or piney, depending on the terpenes that are present in the plant. 

These terpenes are added to HHC carts to make them taste like some of the most popular cannabis strains. Your customers may appreciate authentic tastes that are drawn from classic stains like Maui Waui, Grandaddy Purple, and Cereal Milk. 

Provides a Great Balance to Other Popular Cannabinoids

HHC carts wholesale can help you provide a middle ground to customers who love vape products but need something a little lighter than normal marijuana. Many customers report that the effects of HHC fit roughly in the center between two other popular vaping products: delta-9 vapes and delta-8 vapes. 

Having HHC in your stock can help you ensure that you always have an option for customers looking for something that balances the two most popular extremes for cannabinoids.

How Do HHC Carts wholesale Compare to Other HHC Products?

You can enjoy HHC in many other forms besides carts. Learn about other wholesale HHC products and how their effects are similar or different. 

HHC Carts wholesale vs. HHC Edibles

Wholesale HHC edibles are another option we carry that your customers may appreciate. Many buyers report different experiences with cartridges and edibles. In general, carts seem to deliver effects fast and then fade away after a short time. 

HHC edibles are reported by many to have more powerful effects. However, those effects are also reported to take significantly longer to appear. On the plus side, they are reported to last longer. Watch for more HHC products in the future, such as:

  • Pre-rolls
  • Tinctures
  • Concentrates
  • HHC Distillate

HHC Carts Wholesale FAQs

You’re likely to get a lot of questions from customers when it comes to new cannabinoids like HHC. We’ve collected some of the questions you’ll get along with helpful answers based on what we’re hearing from our clients and buyers.

Are HHC carts good?

HHC carts are considered to be very good by the kind of customers who enjoy the effects. It has been reported to have mild body effects that resemble a sense of warmth and head effects that include a sense of elevated mood and creativity.

Buyer reports seem to agree that HHC carts are noticeably potent. The effects have also been reported to be long-lasting and may have less anxiety-inducing effects than other potent cannabinoid alternatives.

We sell some of the best carts here. Our HHC vape carts are built at the highest quality and lab tested. You can find lab results for our HHC products here. 

Are HHC pens and carts the same thing?

HHC pens and HHC carts wholesale are slightly different products that are both enjoyed by vapers. Pens are named because they have a long pen-like shape. The extra length includes a battery that is ready to go at the time of purchase.

That means that HHC pens are disposables rather than cartridges. The cartridge on a pen is most often fused into place with the battery so that it cannot be transferred to another battery or replaced. You can find all kinds of cartridges and disposables in our stock.

Can HHC carts be detected in drug tests?

No cannabinoids (including HHC) are known to be “undetectable” to drug tests. There are several reasons this is likely to remain the case. First, there are different types of drug tests, and they are regularly updated.

Second, many drug tests do not specifically look for an active ingredient (such as THC, HHC, or CBD). Instead, they are built to react to a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and related biological markers that are easy to detect. 

Do HHC vapes smell?

When not in use, HHC vapes and cartridges are nearly odorless. The devices do not stink up any containers that they are placed in and do not leave an odor on clothing. When the carts are used properly, there is very little risk of any material leaking out. 

Do Wholesale HHC Carts have Nicotine in them?

Wholesale HHC carts do not have any nicotine in them. Nicotine does not occur naturally in any of the sources of HHC, and we do not currently add nicotine to any of our wholesale carts.

Can you drive after HHC carts?

HHC is considered to be intoxicating. It may affect your coordination and judgment for a short time. Your customers should understand that they should not drive or operate heavy machinery while experiencing the effects of HHC carts. 

How long does 1 gram of HHC last?

The number of puffs in any HHC cart will depend on how your customers use them. Most carts will sustain about 300 puffs before they run out. Your customers may be able to extend this lifespan with lighter puffs.  

Is HHC the strongest cannabinoid?

HHC is not often listed as one of the strongest cannabinoids. It is reported by many customers to be more powerful than delta-8, though it is also widely reported to be less powerful than delta-9 THC. 

Customers have anecdotally reported that some cannabinoids are better than others in certain areas. For example, customers who are experimenting with cannabinoids for pain relief may find that alternatives like CBD are stronger for the purpose of pain relief. 

Remember that these reports are only anecdotal for the time being. Few long-term studies have examined the effects of different cannabinoids, and some types of research only became legal in 2018 with the passage of the Farm Bill. It may be a while before we can definitively say what effects each cannabinoid has and why. 

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