CBD topicals are some of the most popular CBD products among customers who are looking for light-to-moderate pain relief. Various studies have suggested that CBD may relieve some types of pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Give your customers the chance to experiment with these high-quality CBD products. They’ll enjoy concentrations with tailored levels of CBD, CBG, and CBN.

What Are Wholesale CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are a type of concentrate. The CBD is taken from the buds of the hemp plant and condensed into a more purified CBD oil. The resulting concentrate is blended with creams, plant butter, and other oils to create a lotion with a luxurious texture. This allows customers to apply the mixture directly to the skin.

Topicals take several different forms, including CBD salves and CBD roll-ons.  New products are always emerging in response to demand for these products. Visit regularly to see what’s freshly available for your customers to buy. 

Why Carry Wholesale CBD Topicals?

You should carry wholesale CBD topicals if you want a popular hemp product that fills a unique niche. Few other hemp products are designed for on-contact use, and these may be the only ones that appeal to some customers. Here are some other reasons to consider giving CBD topicals space on your shelves: 


 CBD topicals are popular with some customers because of their non-intoxicating effects.  These products can come with intense levels of CBD; as much as 2,000mg per jar. However, CBD isn’t associated with any psychoactive effects. 

The active ingredient in these topicals, CBD, is one of the easiest to access legally out of all cannabinoids. In addition to being made nationally legal by the Farm Bill of 2018 (when sourced from compliant hemp plants), there are also very few state laws restricting CBD.

Easy to Use

Wholesale CBD topicals are easy-to-use formulations. Your customers can simply apply the mixture to their skin and rub it in like any massage oil. They don’t need any extra accessories or take any steps to prepare. This can be an appealing benefit for first-time CBD users. 

Mild Botanical Scents

Your customers may ask you if CBD creams have a “cannabis smell.” These mildly scented creams smell like natural botanicals and essential oils with earthy undertones. You can assure your clients that the topicals don’t have the strong “skunk” smell that some cannabinoid flowers have.

How Do Wholesale CBD Topicals Compare To Other Cannabinoid Products?

CBD topicals have an important niche among all the CBD products that we offer. Below, you can learn more about how they compare to other products we have available at wholesale pricing.

Wholesale CBD Topicals vs. CBD Edibles

The difference between these two best-selling types of products is that topicals are applied directly to the skin while edibles are consumed. Customers have reported similar effects when trying both products. The choice may come down to preference. 

Wholesale CBD Topicals vs. CBD Concentrates

CBD topicals are made from concentrates. Like other, more purified concentrate products (such as hemp oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, or isolates), topicals deliver a strong dose of CBD to target areas. They are typically not as concentrated as true concentrates.   

Wholesale CBD Topicals vs. Hemp Flower

Hemp flowers (also known as CBD flowers) are whole buds from hemp plants that have been dried and cured for any use. Customers who want to make their own homemade topicals may appreciate it if you have CBD flowers as well.  

Wholesale CBD Topicals FAQs

You may be curious about lotions and relief creams, and your customers may also have questions before they buy. Consider these common questions and answers about hemp extract topicals.

CBD topicals come in several different forms that may be available depending on supply:

  • CBD balms (may also be called CBD salves): Balms are typically formulated to relieve pain around bruises and inflammation spots.
  • CBD freeze roll-ons: Freeze roll-ons are formulated to provide a cooling effect and other common benefits.

Our CBD topicals can be shipped nationwide under federal law thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. This law removed restrictions on non-THC cannabinoids that were extracted from hemp plants.

Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota are some examples of states that outlaw CBD sourced from marijuana plants, but CBD that is sourced from compliant hemp plants is still permitted. Please contact our team or seek legal advice if you want to sell our products in your state.

More Questions About Wholesale CBD Topicals? Let Us Help!

Our team would love to introduce you to our broad-spectrum CBD topical products. Please let us know if you have any questions about our products or the application process for retail customers. You can always reach us here.

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