Thrill your customers with one of the latest cannabinoid gummies to become available. The psychoactive compound HHC is now available in this tasty edible form.

Wholesale HHC gummies join delta-8 gummies and delta-9 gummies as options for customers who love trying cannabinoids. Many customers report that HHC offers a slow-burning balance between these two popular hemp-derived cannabinoids. It may be the option that some of your customers are looking for. Read more about the difference and similarities of HHC, Delta 8, and Delta 9.

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What Are Wholesale HHC Gummies?

Bulk HHC gummies are candies made using hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). Like the gummies your customers may already be familiar with, they are sold in popular and tasty fruit flavors like mango, watermelon, grape, blue raspberry, and strawberry.

HHC gummies now join a long list of popular HHC products, including HHC vape carts and disposable HHC vapes. Watch for new HHC products to hit the market, including possibly HHC pre-rolls, tinctures, and HHC distillate. 

Why Carry Wholesale HHC Gummies?

You should carry wholesale HHC gummies because they are novel, discreet, and powerful. Your customers may be convinced to try them out for the first time for all of the following reasons?

Newly Available in Gummy Form

Gummies are one of the latest ways your customers can enjoy what HHC offers, and anyone who enjoys cannabinoids will likely want to test out this new product. Recommend it to customers who enjoy HHC or are just looking for the most powerful edible experience. 

Odor-Free HHC

Gummies are attractive to many customers because these candies are easy to carry and enjoy anywhere. Our wholesale HHC gummies in bulk do not produce a strong cannabis smell. Your customers can enjoy them on the beach, boardwalk, concert hall, or movie theater without attracting unwanted attention.

Powerful Reported Effects

Your customers will appreciate that you can offer them one of the most powerful cannabinoids available nationally. The effects of HHC are widely reported to be strong. It has consistently been reported as stronger than popular options like delta-8. It is generally considered weaker than delta-9. Now that delta-10 is being phased out, HHC is one of the most powerful cannabinoids from hemp products that can be shipped federally.

Wholesale HHC Gummies FAQs

HHC gummies are some of the newest cannabinoids available, and you may get questions from customers about how they feel and how they are different from what they may have tried in the past. Here are some common questions and answers to help you steer customers in the right direction.

People who have tried HHC have discussed many different effects. It is often compared to delta-8 and delta-9. Like those two, HHC is reported to have both physical and mental effects, including euphoria, tingling or warm skin, and altered visual and auditory perception.

HHC gathered from compliant hemp plants are federally legal. However, most HHC available exists in a sort of a gray area because the most efficient process for obtaining HHC is to convert it from existing cannabis extracts. Some states (such as Colorado) forbid modified cannabinoids from being sold within their borders. 

HHC will likely show up on most drug tests. It does not matter that this cannabinoid is new to the market because it is made of materials that have always naturally occurred in cannabis. It may show up on drug tests due to the HHC itself or due to other materials that are present in both HHC and THC products. 

HHC edibles, such as gummies, can be flavored with any kind of terpene after the HHC has been isolated. Fruit flavors are more common with HHC gummies, but terpenes are common in other HHC products, such as vapes. 

Yes. HHC is itself a minor cannabinoid. Other cannabinoids may be present in broad-spectrum or full-spectrum HHC products.

Provide Your Customers with the Best Gummies at Wholesale Prices

HHC gummies are a great way to offer a balanced experience to your customers. Even fans of delta-9 THC can appreciate what HHC has to offer, and unlike delta-9, HHC is legal and sold in stores in most states across the US. 

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