Order our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum wholesale CBD softgels when you want to provide your customers with a simple, flavorless way to enjoy CBD and its benefits. Our softgels are potent, containing up to 50mg per pill, depending on your selection.

These pills have proven popular with customers looking for daytime and nighttime relief. By design and formulation, they are very easy to swallow. Each soft gel is made using our water-soluble nanoemulsion technology (shown to increase bioavailability up to 200% over an CBD oil product). 

Our CBD softgels are nano-emulsified, which helps them to provide a higher absorption level with a more rapid onset of effects.

What Are Wholesale CBD Softgels?

Wholesale CBD Softgels are a type of CBD concentrate. The concentrated CBD is placed in a water-soluble casing your customers can swallow like a common pain relief pill. You may find that the benefits of these pills are very important to some of your CBD customers.

Why Carry Wholesale CBD Softgels?

You should carry CBD softgels to serve customers who prefer the form, neutral scent, and simple dosing that’s possible with softgels. 

Easy to Consume

Softgels are very easy for your customers to use, even if they have disorders that make it difficult to keep food down. These pills may be the only way for some customers to enjoy CBD. Any customer can appreciate how easy these soft gels are to use on the go. 

Neutral Scent

Softgels have a nearly imperceptible scent. Any customers who are looking for CBD that doesn’t have a strong cannabis smell may find exactly what they are looking for in these soft gel pills.

The pills do not leave a strong smell on their container or any storage they are placed inside, such as a cabinet or a drawer. When separated from their container, these pills resemble any other supplement. 

Easy to Control Dosage

Our full-spectrum CBD softgels come in doses that range from 25mg to 50mg per softgel. Customers with no developed tolerance (and customers with high tolerance) will appreciate being able to consume exactly the amount intended.

There is also no risk of unwanted psychoactive effects when choosing properly lab-tested CBD. While making any hemp product 100.00% THC-free is difficult, the trace amounts found in federally-compliant hemp plants aren’t enough to produce psychoactive effects.

Recommend softgels to customers that enjoy using CBD regularly and want to take a precise amount on a schedule. 

How Do Wholesale CBD Softgels Compare To Other Cannabinoid Products?

Your customers may prefer softgels, or they may prefer one of our other popular products. Here are some notes on how they compare to one another that may help you decide which one your shop customers would prefer to see at your store first. 

Wholesale CBD Softgels vs. Other CBD Edibles

Softgels and edibles both appeal to customers who like to get their CBD by consumption. However, these products can appeal to different segments of customers or even expose you to a new customer segment. 

Customers who like edibles are generally looking for good flavor. They want a treat with their CBD dose. Edibles are available as many different types of treats, such as brownies, CBD gummies, or peanut butter cups. Customers who prefer softgels may be intentionally avoiding a taste. However, they may still appreciate a recommendation of CBD edibles. 

Wholesale CBD Softgels vs. Delta-8 Softgels

CBD softgels and Delta-8 softgels will appear near-identical. However, they contain different amounts of the named active ingredient. CBD is the milder of the two of them. Delta-8 has been reported by many to have noticeable psychoactive effects. These effects are often compared to the effects of normal THC. 

Wholesale CBD Softgels vs. CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are another way that your customers can enjoy the experience of CBD products. Tinctures pull CBD out with alcohol instead of oil. Like softgels, tinctures make it easy for your customer to take a controlled dose. Some customers may dislike the boozy taste of tinctures.

FAQs About Wholesale CBD Softgels

Do you have more questions about softgels? Your customers likely will as well. You can tell them that our softgels are built to the highest quality, and provide answers to the following common questions.

You’ve come to the right place to order high-quality CBD softgel capsules wholesale. We offer several broad-spectrum CBD formulations you can purchase in bulk as long as you complete our retailer application.

Our broad-spectrum softgels contain many cannabinoids your customers may be seeking, including CBN, CBG, and others. The combination of different cannabinoids may help to amplify some of the effects.

All products available on THD wholesale are available at some of our best bulk prices. However, to see these prices, you must submit a retailer application and be approved. Once you’ve been approved, you can log in and see the bulk product pricing. 

CBD softgels are reported by many customers to provide pleasant effects. The effects of these softgels are often described by customers as gently pain relieving or calming. Your customer’s experience may vary based on their personal body, tolerance level or other factors.

More Questions About Wholesale CBD Softgels? Let Us Help!

Our support team is here and eager to help all our store-owning customers. Contact us if you have any remaining questions about our CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, or other types of products.