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  • Caviar Blunts wholesale

    Caviar Blunts

    Incorporating Caviar Blunts from Hemp Doctor into your offerings can provide several benefits. Caviar Blunts are a unique and premium product that can help you stand out in a competitive market.

    These blunts are made with organic hemp flower infused with potent cannabis oil and then coated with a layer of CBD. This combination creates an exceptional experience that appeals to both hemp enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs.

    By offering Caviar Blunts, you can attract a diverse customer base and cater to those seeking a luxurious and high-quality smoking experience.

    Caviar Blunts from Hemp Doctor align with the growing demand for premium, natural, and alternative smoking options.

    As the cannabis and hemp industries continue to expand, consumers are becoming more discerning and seeking wholesale blunt wraps that prioritize quality and wellness. Hemp Doctor’s Caviar Blunts deliver on these expectations by using organic, pesticide-free natural hemp and employing craftsmanship.

    Available in indica, sativa and hybrid strains, and two premium blends:

    500mg Delta 8 THC/5mg THCP/50mg CBG

    500mg HHC/5mg HHCP/50mg CBG


  • Amenesia Haze wholesale Flower

    Amnesia Haze wholesale CBD Flower

    Amnesia Haze wholesale is an uplifting and energizing Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain won 1st place overall in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and Best Sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup. Amnesia Haze has earthy flavors of lemon and citrus and is perfect for daytime use and clearheaded thinking.

    With so many standout CBD flower offerings on the market, it’s hard to know which ones to choose for your own business. Customers will be more than impressed with the uplifting and energizing Sativa-dominant hybrid strain known as Amnesia Haze.

  • OG Lime wholesale Flower

    OG Lime Wholesale CBD Flower

    Our OG Lime wholesale flower is one of our most popular hemp flower strains. OG Lime wholesale is a cross between Lime Skunk and Triple OG, and blends some of their best qualities in a strain that honors the citrus fruit it is named after. It has a sour lime candy terpene profile that is as delicious as it sounds.

    OG Lime wholesale, also known as Lime Kush, is packed with terpinolene and myrcene terpenes. The scent is sweet and citrusy with undertones of spice, pine, and herbs. Customers have compared the scent to fresh lime juice from persian limes.

    This zesty hybrid is reported by many past customers to be calming, uplifting, and relaxing—giving a pleasant buzz that goes all day long. Order some today at our great bulk pricing. You can fill your cart and checkout after completing a retailer application.

    Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about our products or ordering from our store. Contact us today.

  • Wedding Cake CBD Hemp Flower

    Wedding Cake CBD Flower

    We offer Wedding Cake hemp flower for wholesale and bulk sales. We do not offer white label or private label on this product.

    This strain of flower is perfect for times when you want to sit back, put your feet up, and relax. So when the day has proven to be a challenge, treat yourself to this delicious and enticing hemp flower. It is said that this strain originated in Southern California and that it is essentially an Indica-leaning hybrid cross of the Cherry Pie strain and the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Therefore, this invigorating hybrid delights the senses by retaining the tartness of the Cherry Pie strain while perfectly blending it with the sinful sweetness of the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

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