30mg D9/CBD Candies – Milk Chocolate Minis Wholesale

Good things come in small sizes. Cater to your sweet-toothed customers with our popular Chocolate Minis Wholesale from THD Wholesale. Our bite-sized Chocolate Minis are made in the USA from the finest hemp.

Now might be the right time to explore our Chocolate Minis wholesale offerings and experience the magic for yourself.

Chocolate lovers will be in heaven when they taste our beautifully rich milk chocolate blended with premium Delta-9 THC and CBD. Each piece in a 50-count box of THD Wholesale Chocolate Minis contains 15mg of Delta-9 and 15mg of CBD—a good combination for any time of the day.

Alongside our full-spectrum hemp extract, our Chocolate Minis also contains sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, non-fat dry milk, milkfat, sunflower lecithin, and natural vanilla extract. Our Chocolate Minis are even gluten-free!

We never set out to become chocolatiers, but you can’t help but be impressed with the beautiful balance of our milk chocolate minis. The earthiness of the hemp full-spectrum extract and the sweetness of the chocolate ingredients is a recipe for return customers.

Whether you’re looking to add to your Delta-9 edibles range or trying to cater to your many sweet-toothed customers, you can’t go wrong with Chocolate Minis. Explore our wholesale bulk rates for Chocolate Minis or contact THD Wholesale to learn more about our full range of hemp products.

  • 1:1 THC and CBD – 15mg
  • Sold as 50-count boxes
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Gluten-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Organically-grown hemp
  • Fast absorption
  • Sustainable ingredients
  • Independent lab testing
  • Competitive wholesale rates and bulk deals

Why Buy Chocolate Minis Wholesale From THD Wholesale?

Choosing the right products for your hemp business can be challenging, especially with so many standout new products to take pride of place on your store shelves. However, you might be eager to add chocolate minis wholesale to your shopping cart for some of the following reasons:

Competitive Wholesale Bulk Rates

Hemp product businesses do their best to provide competitively priced products for their customers, but they can only do that if they can secure competitively priced products themselves.

We pride ourselves on offering our loyal business owners some of the best wholesale bulk rates across our full range of hemp products.

Whether you’re purchasing Delta-9 chocolate minis wholesale, Delta-9 Gummies or caramels, or other THC edibles from THD Wholesale, you can rest assured that you’ll receive competitive deals for healthy margins.

Unsure about our pricing structure? Contact us to learn more about our Chocolate Minis wholesale rates.

Quality Ingredients

You only want the best for your customers, and so do we. We go above and beyond to ensure our Chocolate Minis contain sustainable, high-quality, delicious ingredients your sweet-toothed customers will love.

Not only do our Chocolate Minis contain full-spectrum hemp extract, but also the highest quality chocolate ingredients, including:

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa butter
  • Whole milk powder
  • Chocolate liquor
  • Non-fat dry milk
  • Milkfat
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Natural vanilla extract

Our Chocolate Minis are also gluten-free, ideal for gluten-intolerant customers looking for a sweet treat.

Easy Dosage

Managing dosages is not always easy, especially in vape carts, pre-rolls, and flowers. However, you may find that it is with Chocolate Minis. Each individually-packaged chocolate piece contains a 1:1 ratio of 15 mg Delta-9 THC and 15 mg CBD by dry weight.

Customers who want to be sure they’re consuming the right amount will likely have no trouble working out how many pieces they can eat to feel the effects of Delta-9 THC and CBD.


Our bite-sized delicious Chocolate Minis Wholesale treats are easy to consume on the go! When your customers are looking for a discreet and convenient full-spectrum CBD edible that can fit in a pocket, backpack, or purse, Chocolate Minis tick all the right boxes.

There’ll be no need to carry around lighters, matches, or cumbersome containers. Our cannabinoid-rich Chocolate Minis come in individually wrapped packaging for customer convenience.

Lab Testing

Customers can take your word for it that you only source your products from trusted industry names, but they don’t have to. Instead, they can refer to our in-house and third-party lab results to be completely sure.

Our products feature lot numbers you can use to find information about your unique products, including their date of manufacture, potencies, terpenes, and attributes like consistency and color.

The more information you have about the products you’re selling, the easier it can be for your customers to make informed purchasing decisions. You can learn more about each unique product’s lab results here.

Great Reviews

Choosing new products can be nerve-wracking when you’re unsure whether they’re something your customers will like. Chocolate Minis stand a good chance of becoming one of your best sellers because, after all, who doesn’t love chocolate?

It also doesn’t hurt that THD Wholesale Delta-9 Chocolate Minis Wholesale have rave reviews, with customers making some of the following comments:

‘Great tasting and the perfect level of relaxation in every chocolate!’

‘Great taste and great quality chocolate’

‘If you love chocolate and want to feel good, these squares are for you.’

How Do THD Wholesale Chocolate Minis Make You Feel?

Many customers want to know how specific hemp products will make them feel before buying them. When they know what to expect, they can be sure that the product is right for their needs.

Everyone is different, and their experiences are often different. Many customers feel calm and relaxed after consuming Chocolate Minis containing our high-quality Delta-9 THC. Many customers buy Chocolate Minis after a hard day of work to help them unwind and relax.

As a general rule, most customers report feeling the effects of Chocolate Minis Wholesale within 30 minutes to two hours, with the timeframe varying based on factors like metabolism, volume, and the consumption of other food.

Purchase Chocolate Minis Wholesale Today

If the time has come to expand your hemp product offerings and give your customers something to talk about, consider purchasing Chocolate Minis Wholesale with competitive rates from THD Wholesale. From the earthiness of the hemp to the sweetness of the chocolate, what could be better?

We have many other products your customers are sure to love. Other options include CBD gummies, full chocolate bars, tinctures, Delta-8 THC, and more. You can also see products featuring other popular ingredients like THCa and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our bulk rates and to inquire about our full range of hemp-derived THC products.

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