Phuk’d Up 3.5G Mini THCA Disposable Vapes

For your customers itching to get Phuk’d Up, introduce them to the vanguard of the vaping world: the Kayo Phuk’d Up 3.5G Mini THCA disposable vape. A shining star from our esteemed Kayo line, this vape is tailored to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s discerning vapers.


The design isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about experience. It’s discreet and ergonomically impeccable, feeling like a natural extension in the user’s hand. The clarity offered by its juice window removes the guesswork, elevating user confidence and satisfaction.

Inside, you’ll find 3.5G of unparalleled vaping delight, promising sessions that both last and impress. Recharging is a breeze with the modern Type-C port, ensuring users an almost uninterrupted connection to their cherished vaping moments. But where it truly stands out is its adaptability: two heat settings cater to varied vaping preferences, and the added preheat setting ensures every draw is primed to perfection.

However, the crown jewel is the THCA experience. Pure, potent, and rapidly rising in popularity, THCA vapes are setting new industry standards.

By stocking the Kayo Phuk’d Up 3.5G Mini THCA vape, you’re offering your retail partners a passport to the future of vaping. This isn’t just a product; it’s an evolution in the vaping narrative.

We provide a curated selection of six best-selling strains: two Indicas, two Sativas, and two Hybrids, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Blu Froot – Indica

A rarity in the world of cannabis, Blu Froot was first conceived by Green Dot Labs by setting up a blind date between Sex on the Beach and Black & Blue. Resulting in the ultimate Indica, Blu Froot is a good bet for a relaxing before-bed session; one user describes the effects as, “pretty antisocial…want[ed] to just slumber in bed with video games and some Kool-Aid.” Offering a taste profile reminiscent of blueberry cheesecake, Blu Froot may have you waking up from an hours-long stupor asking yourself, Did I drink the wrong Kool-Aid?

Grape Ape – Indica

I’ve never seen Planet of the Apes, but I assume it ended with James Franco stumbling upon a patch of Grape Ape and everyone sitting around hitting the peace pipe singing “War” by Edwin Starr. Reported to provide a clear-headed, euphoric mindset, Grape Ape’s most well-known effect is the powerful sedation that takes hold fairly quickly. If you’re prone to anxiety, fight the 800lb gorilla on your chest with the stress relieving properties of Grape Ape. If you happen to get injured in the bout, Grape Ape can also help soothe your pain.

Pineapple OG – Sativa

Another uncommon strain in the cannabis stratosphere, Pineapple OG can transport your mind to a tropical paradise where all your worries are melted away. Energized in a state of euphoric utopia, you may find yourself wanting to get social and flex a creative muscle or two. Commonly used to combat depression and chronic pain, don’t be surprised if Pineapple OG makes you want to move to a land where your only job is “beach.”

Strawberry Cough – Sativa

Little known fact, John Lennon was actually singing about fields of Strawberry Cough. That’s probably not true, but one hit and you’ll be coughing too much to care. After the initial head rush, you can expect to be uplifted higher and higher while your anxiety and depression melt away with gravity. Once at cruising altitude, you may find yourself a little more chatty than usual. Why not make friends with the walrus and get to the bottom of the Paul McCartney look-alike conspiracy?

Sunset Sherbet – Hybrid

Even if the conception of Sunset Sherbet was an accident, we still love it all the same. No one seems to know if Mr. Sherbinski intentionally or unintentionally bred this strain, but Sunset Sherbet has found its way into the lungs of smokers everywhere over the last decade. Providing a flavor that’s both sweet and earthy, the abundance of terpenes in Sunset Sherbet will explode your senses into a fireball that leaves you wanting more. Commonly used to help mood disorders, Sunset Sherbet can kick those Sunday Scaries to the curb and allow you to enjoy your time in the present instead of worrying about the days to come.

Watermelon Zkittlez – Hybrid

If you’re old enough to remember being traumatized by the Skittles Pox commercial, then you’re old enough to enjoy the delectably sweet taste Watermelon Zkittlez has to offer. Taking more after the Indica side of its family tree, one Leafly user describes Watermelon Zkittlez as “…this stuff will shut you down faster than your first crush.” Allow your body to relax at the end of the rainbow, and let Watermelon Zkittles melt your mind into a pot of stress-free euphoria.

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