Kayo 3G Disposable Vapes

Looking for disposable vapes that contain just about every potent THC isomer and derivative available? Well, look no further as the Hemp Doctor is now making Kayo 3g Disposable Vape carts available in bulk!

Our Kayo disposable vapes in 3g are so easy to use, discrete, and available in a number of flavors and blends. Explore Kayo disposable vape cartridges available in two blends and an HHC pure distillate option:

  • D8/D9/HHC/HHCP/Live Rosin
  • D8/D9/THCO/THCP/Live Rosin
  • HHC

The incorporation of all these THC derivatives is designed to give a full-body entourage experience to the would-be user. The combined effect of either blend should give customers an experience beyond what a regular cannabinoid disposable would offer. We also offer an “HHC only” option to cater to those who don’t need much but just straight-up pure HHC goodness.

Each disposable holds 3 grams of distillate, which means each device has a capacity of roughly 800 puffs and over. For beginners, the number of puffs may be even longer as the longevity of each cart depends on the puff itself. The Hemp Doctor has also gone to great lengths to offer the perfect vaping device that gives the smoothest drags that rarely feel too harsh or overwhelming.

Lightweight and easy on the eyes, our pre-filled kayo disposable vape in 3 grams is designed to make vaping easy, potent, and safe to use on any occasion. Vape cartridges are available now in wholesale bundles for retailers. Contact us directly to learn more.

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