Delta 8 THC BULK gummies

Our industry-leading Delta 8 THC edibles are now available in bulk.  Order in quantities of 500 and up. More than 10 flavors to choose from, and two strengths, a 30mg, or a 60mg Delta 8 THC gummy.

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You’ll have a lot to offer your customers when you purchase your Delta 8 THC gummies from The Hemp Doctor in bulk. As tasty as they are potent and effective, we offer our gummies in two different strengths and a multitude of shapes, flavors, and package sizes. You choose the flavor and either the 30- or 60-milligram strength product, and we’ll deliver our potent gummies right to your door. Here’s our current offering of bulk counts and flavors.

150 Count 65mg (w/15mg Delta 9 blended w/50mg Delta 8)

  • Blue Razz Rings
  • Cherry Rings
  • Cosmic Rings
  • Green Apple Slices — Tart and full of fun like biting into a crisp, green apple, your customers are going to love these.
  • Peach Rings — Sweet as a ripe Georgia Peach, these are sure to become a customer favorite.
  • Watermelon Rings

100 Count

  • Blue razz cubes — With the taste of blue raspberry, you will hook your customer with one bite.
  • Watermelon cubes — Succulent as a slice of summer watermelon, these will have you remembering childhood summers.
  • Lemon cubes — Citrusy and tart with a sugary coating. These are a standard customer favorite.
  • Blueberry cubes — Like eating blueberries straight from the bush, it will be hard to put these down.
  • Strawberry cubes — Another customer favorite, sweet with just the right amount of tart strawberry flavor.
  • Grape cubes — With the grapey flavor you’d expect, be sure to stock up on plenty of these.
  • Pineapple cubes — Say “aloha” to the tropical flavor of pineapple with these delicious cubes.
  • Cherry cubes — With a distinct cherry flavor, these cubes will be the go-to for many of your customers.
  • Orange cubes — Greeting you with the unmistakable citrusy taste, these are perfect for summertime fun.
  • Green Apple cubes — Tasty and tart, your customers will enjoy the flavor of these fun and effective morsels.

With a selection of flavors and strengths for your customers to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with providing your loyal clients with Delta 8 THC gummies from The Hemp Doctor!

We Believe in the Quality of Our Gummies!

As a retailer, you have a reputation to establish and maintain. A reputation for offering quality products at a fair price goes a long way in producing the repeat business essential to a company’s survival. Too often, retailers succumb to the temptation of carrying less expensive, poor-quality products. Unfortunately, handling this kind of inventory will not only destroy the repeat business you need, but inferior products could also potentially harm your customers. And if any of your customers suffer harm from one of your products, it could permanently put a stain on your retail outlet’s good name.

This is why you should only carry products that a third-party laboratory has independently tested, as we provide at The Hemp Doctor. This independent testing results in a Certificate of Analysis that will verify the accuracy of the label on the product and guarantee the absence of any harmful chemicals within the product.

The Hemp Doctor only carries pure and potent gummies that are tested through an independent laboratory. That’s why we believe in the quality of our gummies and why you should too!

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Green Apple Slices (150ct), Peach Rings (150ct), Blue razz cubes (100ct), Watermelon cubes (100ct), Lemon cubes (100ct), Blueberry Cubes (100ct), Strawberry cubes (100ct), Grape cubes (100ct), Pineapple cubes (100ct), Cherry cubes (100ct), Orange cubes (100ct), Green Apple cubes (100ct), Blue Razz Rings (150ct), Cosmic Rings (150ct), Cherry Rings (150ct), Green Apple Slice (150ct), Peach Ring (150ct), Watermelon Ring (150ct)


30mg, 60mg, 65mg (15mg D9/50mg D8)


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