Kayo 2G Vape Cartridges

There are of course different ways of enjoying cannabinoids, but one of the best, easiest, and quickest ways is through the use of a 2G vape cartridge. Lose the lighters and matchsticks completely and avoid smoking altogether by offering Kayo 2g cartridges that are highly portable and perfect for anyone on the go.

Kayo line up of 2G cartridge vapes features some of the latest and greatest THC derivatives available on the market. From Delta 8 to HHCP, The Hemp Doctor is now providing in two incredible blends of some of the most potent THC isomers and derivatives:

  • D8/D9/HHC/HHCP/Live Rosin
  • D8/D9/THCO/THCP/Live Rosin

These vape cartridges are now available wholesale, with exceptional price points to retailers.

Experiment with which blend suits your customers most and offer blends and variations in terms of flavor profile, mood, and effects.

Using only the purest uncut oil, The Hemp Doctor has made strides to ensure our distillates go through the most sophisticated extraction and distillation process the industry could ask for. We continue to meet and exceed the industry standards for quality and purity for distillate that’s not only clean, but also rich in the best cannabinoids.

Two-gram distillate carts yield at least 600 puffs and are now available in bulk quantities.

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