The explosion of hemp-based products on the market has created an additional demand for more variety in the CBD and Delta 8 product lines. This demand has prompted many wholesale distributors like The Hemp Doctor to offer an increasing amount of items for retail. These new products not only help our retailers keep their customer’s appetite satiated for new products, but the new products are also essential in keeping their product line fresh and interesting.

However, as a retailer, the question arises as to the most effective way to encourage your customers to try new CBD and Delta 8 products. With that in mind, here are seven of our best suggestions for doing just that.

#1: Plan a Sample Bar Event

A sample bar event is an exceptional way to introduce your local customers to new products. In addition, these events serve to promote local brand awareness and goodwill in your community. These events are highly educational for potential clients, and they put a personal face on your brand of products. These events are great for those interested in trying new CBD and Delta 8 products and those who have heard of hemp-derived products but have been hesitant to try them. In addition, these events are a great promotional tool and a wonderful way to build your email list. If you are interested in planning a sample bar event, we’ve got some great ideas on hosting an effective outing.

#2: Organize a Contest

If you throw a local sample bar or any kind of event, create a contest where participants enter the contest by submitting their email addresses. If you do not have a brick-and-mortar storefront, you can run an online contest where you have an entry form that collects participants’ emails. The idea is to use either to promote your new products. Of course, the prize to the lucky winners is the new product you are introducing. If you have a couple of new products in your lineup, why not make an awesome assortment basket as a prize?

#3: Add a Small Free Sample to Every Shipped Order

Everyone likes free samples! So why not add a small free sample of the new product to every order you ship from your store? You can easily and effectively introduce your existing customer base to new products by giving away free samples to shipped orders for your customers. Just be sure to include a flyer or some other type of brochure that’s packed with plenty of information about the new product. Maybe even throw in a discount if they order the new item within a certain period.

#4: Create a Sample Package

You can put as many new items as you wish into one package by creating a sample package. The package pricing is up to you, but a couple of ideas for the overall package could be:

  • A small package where you only have up to three small items. You can offer this for free or for a small fee in exchange for an email address.
  • A medium package that has a few items in it for an inexpensive price. This is ideal for Millenials and Gen Zs who like to try new things based on trends.
  • A large package that combines some tried-and-true favorites along with your new items. You can price this with a discount, and it’s a great way to move the product while still introducing the new item.

Of course, always encourage your customers to join your mailing list at checkout.

#5: Partner with Local Businesses

If you have a physical storefront, partnering with other local businesses is a great way to promote your new products. Likely, other local businesses also have new products to offer. By teaming up with these businesses, you can create a sample product package that each business can promote individually. Cross-promoting in this way will bring awareness of each business’s new products and is sure to attract new customers. In addition, it can drive people who are loyal to your non-competitor businesses to you. The importance here is to partner with brands that represent the same values you have: for example, selling high-quality, trusted goods.

#6: Design and Distribute Flyers, Mailers, or Emails

The old hometown flyer idea is still alive and well. You can create an eye-catching flyer that promotes your new product and includes a coupon for a discount. From there, you simply distribute the flyers around your local community. Many businesses, such as coffee shops and gyms or yoga studios, encourage businesses to post flyers at their entrances. Some even have a community board as well.

You can also create mailers and use direct mail to get them out to your local community. Of course, if you have an active email list, an email blast with information and offers on the new product is always a winner.

#7. Rub Elbows!

No one knows your products and can sell them better than you and your staff. Being part of local events by setting up a booth or table at things like fresh markets or festivals is a great way to promote your brand and new products. And during the event, don’t be shy about giving away free samples in exchange for an email address! You attract plenty of new customers and introduce them to your new products. You build your newsletter email list as well.

Are You Searching for a Wholesale Supplier?

If you are looking for a wholesale CBD and Delta 8 THC product supplier, you want one that will consistently offer exciting new products for you to carry. In addition, you need one that carries only premium quality, pure hemp-derived products. That is why you want to get all of your CBD and Delta 8 THC products from The Hemp Doctor. Not only do we have a vast and diverse inventory, every one of our products is:

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