Many buyers are hungry to get back into the real world, where face-to-face interactions and experiences are enjoyed outside of a computer screen. Millions of buyers who have been cooped up at home are now eager to stretch their legs. And one of the areas that are being benefited is retail shops.

Now that the opportunity presents itself, retailers should make the most of it by having eye-catching displays that will attract customers and retail sales. With that in mind, we’d like to suggest ten creative product display ideas to increase your cannabis-based retail store sales.

#1. Information Displays

Information displays are exactly how they sound. This is where you will have a display slot or bin with the product filling the bin. Behind it is information about the product. Crate & Barrel does an excellent job of this with their kitchen wares display.

This is an excellent idea and an opportunity to educate your customers, especially if you carry cannabis flower. For example, each bin could hold product bags, and you could describe each flower’s aroma, taste, and terpenes in the sign behind the bin.

#2. Ladder Displays

By combining ladders and boards, you can create a unique and eye-catching display for your products. Depending on your store’s overall look and feel, you can go anywhere from rustic with wooden ladders to modern by using brightly painted ladders and boards, to industrial using metal ladders.

#3. Seasonal Displays

Every holiday or season around the corner presents an opportunity to create fantastic and colorful displays to catch your customers’ attention. You can make the most of these displays by hosting promotions and discounts on certain products during that holiday or season.

For example, Valentine’s Day is a great time to promote gift baskets. You can take some of your slower-moving products and combine them into one gift set with a more popular item. Then discount the entire set to make it even more appealing. Finally, create a fun and colorful Valentine’s Day display that surrounds your selection of gift baskets for an irresistible combination!

#4. Use Witty Sayings Above Your Displays

If you can come up with some witty and quotable sayings that highlight your product, you have the beginnings of a great display. Of course, you will want to make it large enough for customers to see from a distance to be the most effective.

The first benefit is that a humorous blurb on a wall or above a display is an eye-catcher. People will read the saying and be attracted to that area of the store. The second benefit is that customers are likely to take pictures of the display and post them on Instagram or other social media sites.

#5. Clear Jar Displays

Having a shelf or two with clear jars that display your products will attract a lot of attention. However, there are many styles of jars out there, so you can pick the style that best matches your store’s motif.

If you carry cannabis flower, one idea is to display buds in airtight mason jars. This will display the color and terpenes of the flower and keep the flower fresh for a long period. Jars also work for edibles, as a display of various gummies will remind your customers of an old-time candy store. You might even be tempted to give out a free sample or two.

#6. Point of Sale Displays

Having items displayed right near the checkout counter is an ideal way to encourage impulse purchases. There are many ways you can easily set up these displays.

  • Clip Strips — Hanging strips that you can hang near the register.
  • Buckets — Small buckets on the countertops or larger buckets that the customer must stand next to at the checkout counter.
  • Knee-knockers — Bins at knee level under the register area.

Point of sale displays are ideal for smaller packages like two to ten count packs or other items that make easily grabbable last-minute purchases.

#7. Endcap Displays

Endcap displays get a lot of attention because they are at the end of the aisle, so they get twice as much sight exposure as your customer moves from one aisle to the next. For maximum effect, arrange your shelves so that your endcap displays face the store entrance.

#8. Mirrors and Frames

This is a very cool look that is sure to get your customers’ attention. Of course, you’ll need to do a little craftsy woodcutting, but the effect is remarkable.

Find a large, antique-looking frame and end table. You will then cut the frame into eight pieces and the end table into quarters (you will only use two quarters). Next, paint all pieces a solid color (white works well). If you are using display wedges, you may want to paint those too. Now, attach the pieces to the wall but separate them as if the frame and end table have blown apart.

Within the frame, place your display wedges at various levels. Next, place your products on those wedges and the end table. Finally, add small mirrors behind the product on the frame wedges for a little added pizzazz.

#9. Plants, Plants, Plants!

The core of cannabis-based retail is that you are offering holistic, all-natural options to wellness problems. One way to give your displays that earthy vibe is to highlight your displays with plenty of plants. This will not only accent the displays with beautiful foliage, but it will also remind the customer that they are purchasing pure, natural products to fit their lifestyle.

#10. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a great way to call attention to your higher-end products. For example, you can use track lighting to spotlight the products on their shelves. Another option is to purchase display product shelves with a transparent top that lights the product from below.

We Are Here for You!

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