The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to make the most of this unique sales opportunity and give your cannabis dispensary a boost. Next to 420, the holiday season enjoys the biggest boost in sales. So why not ride that wave of holiday shoppers and celebrators with some creative holiday promotions for your cannabis dispensary

Do a Promotion with a Local Charity

It is a tradition for most people to give back during the holidays. In addition, customers prefer to support companies that are actively involved in social and environmental programs. This is especially true of the younger generations.

Let your customers get involved in giving back by partnering with a local charity organization to create a holiday campaign. One option would be to hold a food drive and have customers bring in canned foods for the local food bank. Another idea would be to raise money for a local charity by asking customers to “round up” their purchase or contribute over their purchase price with the additional funds going toward the organization. Promotions like this bring positive attention to your organization and help a local charity. Everyone wins!

Run a “12 Days of Christmas” Campaign

The idea is to run a campaign from December 13th through December 24th. On each day of the campaign, an item is put on sale just for that day. You will want to send out emails and flyers a couple of weeks ahead of time to build anticipation and drive up sales during those days.

Each day during the sale, you can give away prizes like glass blunts, swag bags, or coupons on recreational products. One of the big benefits for this and some of the other promotions is that you could use deep discounts on the sale days to move a lot of inventory that has been collecting dust on the shelf. You could even use some of the older inventory as prizes. Who knows, it could create a brand new fan base for those slow-moving products.

Create Holiday Gift Bags

The best way to do this is to look at your inventory and determine which products would go great together in the same theme. A couple of examples would be to have one gift bag that contained products for the first-time user. This could be things like CBD products, lighter, edibles, and topicals — products that a new user would not be intimidated to try. In the same vein, you could create another gift bag for the experienced consumer. Other options would be to create a gift bag around edibles or smoke products. The sky is the limit here, and offering these collections at a discount could drive up sales.

Celebrate “The 12 Days of Kushmas”

Between the normal 12 days of Christmas that run from December 13th through December 24th, why not create “The 12 Days of Kushmas.” On each day of the sale period, promote a different strain of Kush and run a sale on products that include that strain. For example, on the first day of Kushmas, you would celebrate Bubba Kush by putting edibles, vapes, and smokes on sale based on the Bubba Kush strain. The next days, celebrate OG Kush or any other Kush strain.

Celebrate Hanukkah with Kosher Products

First, identify any products in your inventory that can be considered kosher. While cannabis is kosher in its natural state, products made from cannabis often add ingredients that are not kosher. Go through the ingredients in each of your lineups and look for those that would qualify. For your edibles, it’s going to be products that don’t include ingredients like gelatine. Then, during the Hanukkah period, put those products on sale to entice those observing the holiday.

Make a “Holiday Survival Kit”

It’s no surprise that holidays can be stressful. Shopping, time with family, and travel can cause a lot of stress and be completely exhausting. In addition, many people experience social anxiety at holiday parties. A holiday survival kit would include products that are known for relieving stress. Think tinctures, edibles, or cannabis strains that can be used in managing holiday stressors. Also include strains or other products known to soothe social discomfort in the kit, especially if they can be used discreetly at a big family dinner.

Other Thoughts on Holiday Promotions

While unique and creative holiday promotions are great for bringing customers to your door or website, you’ll want to advertise them effectively to get the most out of your promotions.

Advertise Early

Get out in front of the pack by starting your advertising campaign on your holiday promotion early. Start putting together your campaigns now so that they are ready to go a couple of weeks before the promotion, and be specific on what you will be putting on sale. This gives your customers plenty of heads up, and many will replace items on their shopping list with your products because they know a great sale is coming.

Pick a Target Market and Test the Waters

When you’re developing your promotions, keep in mind exactly who you are targeting with your promotion. Specific products are going to move better with one market than with other groups of customers.

Not every campaign will be successful, so the holidays are a great time to test the waters to figure out which types of campaigns will work and which ones won’t.

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