30mg D9/CBD Candies – Cookies & Cream

Give your customers more of what they want with our Cookies-n-Cream THC Chocolate Edibles. Delicious white chocolate combined with Oreo cookies creates an irresistible experience that will leave customers coming back for more.

Our premium Delta-9 and CBD distillate blend offers a sweet taste and strong, long-lasting effects, sure to satisfy even the most discerning customer. Each gummy contains 30mg (15mg delta-9 and 15mg CBD) for noticeable psychoactive effects while maintaining a relaxing body high.

Delta-9 THC is the classic cannabis compound responsible for feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and altered perception most cannabis users crave. Customers who like traditional marijuana products will love these chocolate edibles.

But our edibles are formulated for much more than that. CBD is a cannabinoid that is currently being studied for its therapeutic effects without psychoactive components. Studies may soon show this is perfect for those seeking relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and more without feeling “high.”

With our Cookies-n-Cream chocolate edibles, customers get the best of both worlds — a psychoactive high that isn’t too overpowering and a mellowing body feeling.

Every product we sell starts with a high-tech organic hemp farming process in the nutrient-dense of Oregon, Colorado, and North Carolina. We lab test everything in-house and verify it through third-party labs using HPLC methods. We don’t sell it until we receive our potency reports and analysis certificates. All our hemp-derived products are 100% federally compliant, containing 0.3% THC or less.

Our 50-Pack of wholesale chocolate edibles is perfect for any store owner that wants to provide a new product or more variety for their customers. Easy to store, sell, and display in your shop.

Buy in bulk and enjoy the quality of our premium product at wholesale pricing exclusive to our retailers and partners. Place an order today and start giving your customers what they want!

What Are Wholesale Chocolate Edibles?

Much like other edible THC/CBD products, our chocolate edibles are an edible way to take cannabis and its sister compounds.

They’re just like regular candies, but they’re produced using our proprietary nano-emulsion technology, which enables the cannabinoids to be absorbed quickly and evenly throughout the body and produce the fullest effect. Your customers can eat them directly, melt and mix them into food, or add them to their favorite desserts and treats.

Our Cookies-n-Cream chocolate edibles are available for wholesale purchase, so we don’t sell them to just anyone — you have to be a licensed and registered retailer with a retail store to buy from us.

Where does THC/CBD come from?

We derive all our products from hemp. Following our 100% organic farming and harvesting processes, we dry and mill the hemp into a fine powder. Then, we refine it into our phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) oil, which contains the most bioavailable broad-spectrum CBD and THC. After we test it ourselves and verify it through an industry-vetter third party, we post our lab results to keep vendors like you in the know.

The source of our delta-9 THC is a critical distinction here — with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp-derived products containing 0.3% THC or less were legal throughout the United States.

This means delta-9 from hemp plants is the only legal form of THC, and that’s what we use in our Cookies-n-Cream chocolate edibles. Most delta-9 products are made from cannabis, which is still a federally illegal substance that’s fully illegal in 12 states.

What other chocolate edibles are available wholesale?

Through our platform, we have a few other high-quality delta-9 edible options for your stock. Some are perfect add-ons for the register area while others are full-sized treats.

  • Delta-9 Chocolate Milk Chocolate Minis (30mg)
  • Delta-9 Chocolate Bar (300mg)
  • Delta-9 Chocolate Coffee Crunch (30mg)

Why Carry Chocolate Edibles?

Of course, customers love our chocolate edibles for their taste and potency, but there are other reasons to carry them in your store. Not all wholesale chocolate edibles are created equal, and you can trust us to provide the highest quality products.

Plus, having these edibles on hand will help you provide more options to your valuable customers (or at the very least, give them something new to try.

Chocolate Edibles Are Potent

Even though our THC comes from hemp, it’s surprisingly potent. It’s not as hard as it looks to get the dose right — each chocolate contains 15mg of our hemp-derived THC and produces similar psychoactive effects to delta-9 from cannabis.

Edibles are metabolized differently from THC vapes and flower. When THC users smoke flower, it enters their bloodstream and goes directly to their brain, which can produce quick but short-lasting effects. Edibles, however, enter the digestive system where the liver metabolizes them more slowly, but more completely. In other words, every package has more than enough for even experienced users to feel the effects.

Our Wholesale Chocolate Edibles Are Legal

Unlike edibles derived from cannabis plants, ours are 100% federally compliant and legal in all 50 states. Although there is some legal grey area (and we strongly recommend researching laws regarding hemp-derived cannabinoids specific to your business), you won’t have to worry about breaking federal law when stocking our products.

Chocolate Edibles Are The “Double-Whammy”

CBD/THC-infused edibles combine the effects of each compound. THC provides the classic euphoria and altered perceptions, while our broad-spectrum CBD offers relaxing effects without psychoactive components. The combination of both cannabinoids is often referred to as the “entourage effect” by cannabis researchers.

Many of your customers will use chocolate edibles to feel “high,” but many more will love them for the therapeutic effects — relief from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and plenty of other conditions.

No matter what your customers’ reason for taking edibles, our Cookies-n-Cream chocolate edibles are the perfect balance between a mellow high, total relief, and a sweet treat.

Chocolate Edibles Are Convenient and Portable

When you order chocolate edibles wholesale, you’re giving your customers an easy and discreet way to enjoy THC on-the-go. Compared with other edibles containers (like gummies and capsules), they’re much smaller and easier to transport because they slide into pockets, wallets, and purses without damaging the product.

Chocolate Edibles Are An Excellent Alternative To Smoking and Vaping

Lots of your customers will enjoy the flavor, experience, and immediate effects they get from smoking hemp flower or PCR oil. But there are a lot of situations where that isn’t appropriate. And what about your customers with asthma or other lung conditions?

Chocolate edibles can provide a great alternative for them to experience THC and CBD without irritating their lungs, offending anyone around them, or breaking smoke-free rules.

Who Should I Recommend Chocolate Edibles to?

Chocolate edibles are an excellent choice for any of your customers who already enjoy THC or want to experience it in a different way. They’re perfect for first-time users too — our Cookies-n-Cream chocolates make it easy to get the right dose with minimal fuss.

But it’s not just about pleasure — many THC/CBD users do it for relief from ailments. Recommend chocolate edibles to anyone who meets the following benchmarks:

  • Has a legal age to buy (ALWAYS)
  • Wants the convenience of edibles on-the-go
  • Enjoys candies, chocolates, or other kinds of edibles
  • Doesn’t want to smoke or vape (or doesn’t enjoy it)
  • Wants a combination of THC and CBD effects
  • Needs relief from chronic pain, inflammation, or stress
  • Struggles with depression and finds success with cannabinoid therapy
  • Wants a fun new way to try THC and CBD with their friends or family of legal age

Order Our Chocolate Edibles Now

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Our edible stock is constantly expanding with high-quality edibles made with different concentrates. Try our (when available) peanut butter nuggets, D8 Koko Nuggz, brownies,  and more. Check back regularly for new options.

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