In building a cannabis business, owners tiptoe around several legal nuances. One is social media networks, particularly those owned by Meta—Facebook and Instagram. It’s alarming to see well-connected cannabis social media pages and groups deactivated due to alleged violations in the community guidelines about illegal drugs. 

While it’s hard to forego mainstream social media platforms like Facebook because of their broad target audience reach, there are cannabis business social network gems worth investing. 

We found them for you. Check out 25 of the best weed social media platforms, where you can post a page or group without fear of a violation report. 

MjLink Cannabis Business Social Network Logo

As a cannabis networking and digital media entity, MjLink is a platform for business owners, enthusiasts, professionals, and consumers to connect and share updated information about cannabis. It features five primary services: networking, content sharing, business directory, events, and advertising. 

With MjLink, you can connect with millions of users, post, communicate, listen to podcasts, share events, and build your profile or cannabis business page. 

The company was launched in January 2013 as a response to the growing restrictions placed by Google and Facebook on cannabis-themed accounts operating in an advertising and marketing capacity. 

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2. MjInvest Cannabis Investor Network

MjInvest Cannabis Investor Network Logo

This invitational investor network platform is a division of MjLink. It connects cannabis companies with high-net-worth cannabis investors. Through its virtual conference platform, you can pitch and share your stories with investors online. 

To apply, click and fill out the page with your correct contact information before clicking “Submit Request.”

Cannabis investing has been gaining traction for a while now as the industry becomes increasingly regulated. Various investment avenues are available, including publicly traded cannabis companies, venture capital firms, private equity funds, ETFs, etc. 

3. Weedable

Weedable homepage interface

Weedable is another social networking option for the cannabis community. Joining the network are primarily advocates, patients, and businesses connecting to share cannabis information and to engage.

Discover nearby cannabis conferences, promote your business, and more. Even without signing up, you can access the mini blogs or posts of Weedable users on their dependable website arranged by category. 

Weedable is also an e-store for their partner cannabis brands, offering deals, delivery services, and pointing you to the right doctor with medical cannabis knowledge. 

Weedable categories page

4. Duby

Duby Logo

The weed social network app Duby combines Instagram’s photo-sharing feature, Tinder’s interface, and Reddit’s comment-voting style. Launched back in 2015, Duby is primarily an app for recreational cannabis consumers who enjoy connecting with like-minded enthusiasts.

Here’s how the app works: 

1. Users upload cannabis-related photos, videos, and messages called Dubys. 

2. Other users vote on or reject their contents by swiping right to pass the Duby or left to put out the Duby. 

What’s great about this gamified concept is you’re not voting for the personality but for how good a user’s content is. 

In addition to its gamified concept, the app also helps its users find the best dispensaries, products, deals, and live menus. 

5. Leafwire

Screenshot of leafwire homepage interface

Members utilize this online cannabis business network to share news about the industry, promote events, post hirings, connect with investors, and promote businesses. True to its tagline, Leafwire offers a cannabis business networking platform free from stigma. 

Start building your account by accessing the Leafwire homepage. Once you have completed all of their three-step process, you’re in. Follow their instructional video for an in-depth guide to their account creation process. 

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6. CannaBuzz

Screenshot of CannaBuzz's homepage

Available for both IOS and Android users, CannaBuzz is the home of creative potheads and industry professionals who want to see or share visual content about cannabis. It has all of a social media network’s beloved features, except it doesn’t restrict posts of photos, videos, or live streams about pot. 

CannaBuzz is mainly powered by its membership tier structure fee, which starts at $4.20 monthly. Through CannaBuzz, you can connect with the global cannabis family, especially in areas within Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US. 

7. WeedLife

Weedlife logo

Connect, learn, and share your expertise among cannabis enthusiasts from over 120 countries with WeedLife. As an app, WeedLife updates its users with the latest cannabis news by connecting, messaging, and following brands, experts, businesses, and groups. 

Post as much content as you want in video, podcast, and article formats. Share events you want to promote, interact with other users, and grow your Weedlife following. WeedLife is another avenue to look for great potential employees, and you can simply post a position for hiring. 

8. HempTalk

Screenshot of Hemptalk's application interface

Expand your connections with hemp and CBD industry professionals through the HempTalk Social Network app. You can message every app user or just your close contacts in private. Share pictures, podcasts, articles, videos, and more with HempTalk. 

HempTalk is a division of MjLink with features quite similar to the latter but focusing on hemp and CBD professionals involved in marketing cannabis brands. 

9. LinkedIn

Screenshot of a LinkedIn newsfeed

The largest professional social network medium in the world is also one of the friendliest networking sites for cannabis content. As the Facebook of professionals and businesses, LinkedIn helps a ton when it comes to:

  • Helping you find potential employees
  • connect with brands
  • Sharing your events
  • Joining groups
  • Making your brand known

LinkedIn offers free membership with a premium subscription option. To get in, you have to sign up and create your profile. Next, build your network by adding people, following pages, and posting your content. 

The platform rarely censors cannabis content, so you can share as much content as you want. 

10. GrassCity Forum

Screenshot of grasscity forum homepage

The GrassCity Forum is among the oldest cannabis online forums, established in 2000. Once a hub for cannabis growers, GrassCity now includes forums dedicated to several facets of the cannabis industry, such as smoking, legalizations, medical cannabis, dispensary locations, and more. 

Share your thoughts on different matters and learn more about the evolving cannabis culture from opinionated users worldwide. 

11. 420 Magazine Forums

Screenshot of 420 Magazine Forum homepage

Like GrassCity, 420 Magazine Forums is another platform where the cannabis community gathers to share their opinions on cannabis-related issues and matters. Since 1993, 420 Magazine has been primarily a cannabis-printed company that has transitioned successfully into an online publication. 

The online magazine combines the power of forums, networking, publication, and contests in one platform. It hasn’t developed into an app yet, but you’ll find its classic interface endearing and familiar. 

12. Reddit

Screenshot of Reddit newsfeed

The American social news aggregate and forum network comprises communities discussing random topics, not just cannabis. In Reddit, users view and share texts or links for a specific community niche. 

With millions of users, Reddit quickly becomes a hub for unfiltered answers, peculiar questions, and reviews about cannabis brands. 

Start building your online presence on Reddit by being a valuable Redditor who comprehensively answers questions that might be in your lane of expertise. Bloggers also often link their work there, in case anyone is interested in the blog.

13. Cannabis Associates Network

Screenshot of Cannabis Associates Network homepage

The Cannabis Associates Network is a free social networking site for the cannabis industry. It’s designed to help cannabis professionals, businesses, activities, and consultants find each other. 

To make your business known among professionals, build a cannabis business page, post a classified ad, share your company brochure, link your blog, and more on the website. You may also connect, create polls, or join online forums. 

14. Leafly

Screenshot of the Leafly homepage

The online platform Leafly is one of the leading sources of comprehensive cannabis knowledge and also serves as a brand directory. Its unique mapping system automatically leads consumers to nearby cannabis shops and dispensaries. 

Once a review hub for strains, Leafly skyrocketed in popularity (gaining millions of organic visitors a month) when it shifted to being the center of the dispensary directory. If you haven’t posted your business on Leafly, now is the time to do so. It will help people find your place and put you on the cannabis business map. 

Also, you can partner with them to create advertisements and spreads for your business on their website. 

15. Weedmaps

Screenshot of the Weedmap's dispensary map

Likened to Leafly, Weedmaps is a highly prominent cannabis social technology platform for businesses and consumers of cannabis. Combining the features of Google Maps and Yelp, Weedmaps lists cannabis businesses all over states, narrowing down to cities and towns. 

Like the Google Business Profile, you may also create your business profile with Weedmaps and let your potential customers know your business’s exact location, products you offer, time of service, contact details, and more. 

16. BudTrader

Screenshot of the Budtrader homepage

Mainly an online cannabis marketplace for cannabis products, Budtrader also serves as a dispensary finder tool for consumers who want to locate stores within each state. What’s excellent about BudTrader is its free service of pinning your dispensary or cannabis brand on their directory. 

With Budtrader, you can check out cannabis events, post texts, read cannabis recipes, and more. You can also advertise your business within their site free of charge. Simply register from their homepage, fill out the login details, and create your account. 

17. THCFarmer

THCFarmer Logo

The THCFarmer is an online community of farmers and workers in cannabis cultivation, breeding, and related niches. Suppose your business is cannabis farming or delves into a similar business. In that case, THCFarmer is a great cultivation forum where breeders can learn tips about growing cannabis, cross-breeding, and similar topics, from other farmers. 

Some of the platform’s key features are “grow journals” documented by real-life cannabis farmers, user strain reviews, educational resources, and a section for shopping hemp flowers. 

Note: The THCFarmer site is currently under maintenance. 

18. The Cannigma

Screenshot of the The Cannigma homepage

Cannigma is an online publication that covers various cannabis aspects, including medical use, legalization updates, industry trends, and more. Its peak monthly readership is 270,000. What business owners tend to forget is that Cannigma has a dedicated directory of cannabis brands for medical, recreational, and wellness. 

Take advantage of their vast readership, tell your brand’s story, and link your homepage to their site to help your SEO link building. Join the Cannigma directory by submitting details of your company on their page. Scroll to the bottom and click “Submit Details.”

19. Ganjapreneur

Screenshot of Ganjapreneur Cannabis Business Index page

As an online cannabis publication, Ganjapreneur provides daily news and editorial insights, mainly for cannabis businessmen and investors. They also have their podcast and several other mediums, such as writing press releases for cannabis-focused brands. 

Ganjapreneur created the Cannabis Business Index to help cannabis service and product providers find each other. They know how hard it is as a cannabis brand to find service providers to work with. This directory aims to connect experts and entities in the industry and foster mutual growth within that network. 

The index features cannabis cultivators, processors, marketers, retailers, operation executives, networkers, consumer brands, and more. If your business is one of those, take this opportunity to create your business profile with Ganjapreneur. Start by clicking “Create Business Profile” on the upper right of the Business Index page. 


Screenshot of homepage

Launched in 2016, is an integrated social cannabis media platform that strives to connect cannabis consumers, job seekers, dispensaries, online retailers, delivery services, doctors, and lawyers in the cannabis industry. It also aims to educate through its cannabis-focused blogs, news, and events. 

Participate in their “Social Network” by clicking the Sign-up button at the top right corner of their homepage. Select the option “I’m a Business” to be featured on their cannabis products and service providers list. 

21. High There: Cannabis Community

Mobile interfaces of the High There application

The High There app by Kaya Now, newly revamped in March 2023, is a hub designed for the cannabis-friendly community. It’s now available for Apple and Android users, so its user base is wider than ever. 

First introduced as a cannabis dating app (Tinder for Tokers), High There has expanded the concept. The app now includes “Rooms,” where cannabis users can quickly converse and connect to anyone through a real-time live chat. 

Another app feature added is “Global Stories,” a photo/video-sharing story modeled after Instagram. 

22. Buddy Jane

Buddy Jane poster of the different interface facets of the app.

Available among Android and Apple users, Buddy Jane is a three-in-one cannabis app that connects like-minded cannabis enthusiasts interested in weed culture, community building, and business. 

Created as an alternative to social media sites, Buddy Jane is a safe social networking site for businesses that want to promote and market their brand among users and the cannabis community. 

Connect with cannabis businesses, find shops, express your creativity through your profile and post, and broadcast yourself live using Buddy Jane’s Budcast. 

23. 420 Singles

Screenshot of the 420 Singles app homepage

Cannabis social network is more than a business proposition. Meet 420 Singles, a free cannabis dating app for the community that loves to get high. Enjoy unlimited swipes from over 500,000 singles. You might meet your next stoner soulmate or a business partner. 

Match with those closest to your area, get super likes, and chat!

24. Quora

Screenshot of the Quora newsfeed

Another online forum hub similar to Reddit but bigger is Quora. It’s an online knowledge-sharing platform where members can freely ask and answer questions about any topic, including cannabis. It’s an excellent resource for finding answers based on real-life experiences and connecting with people within a community or topic. 

Quora is mainly a platform for education, so any promotional talks about cannabis or encouragement of illegal practices related to cannabis are forbidden. 

The platform houses cannabis spaces like Cannabistalk, Everything Mary Jane, A Space for Cannabis Tech, and more. 

25. Rollitup

Screenshot of the Rollitup forums

Don’t underestimate the simple interface of Its 40,000 monthly visitors are a melting pot of cannabis farming knowledge you won’t find in a textbook. Four of its forums are:

  • The Grow Room: Sub-forums include growing marijuana, plant problems, growing set-up, etc. 
  • Medical Marijuana: Sub-forums are news about medical marijuana and a forum for medical marijuana patients. 
  • Cannabis Cafe: The sub-forums focus on anything related to cannabis culture, such as spirituality, music, wellbeing, and more. 
  • Marijuana News and Discussions: Sub-forums tackle cannabis legalization and news about the plant around the world. 

Enjoy the opportunities of being a member by engaging with established communities in a genuinely helpful manner. Here are some things to do in a platform to increase profile authority and benefit from its services:

  • Create a business profile
  • Participate in community discussions
  • Host Q&A sessions
  • Learn from the members
  • Advertise
  • Connect with businesses and people

Final Thoughts

The cannabis business social network is a platform that offers educational and growth opportunities to cannabis business owners and enthusiasts. Whether you want to promote your product, hire employees, find investors, or build brand awareness, cannabis-centered social media networks provide a safe space for the cannabis industry to network and thrive.


Is there a social network for cannabis?

Yes. 25 of the best are listed in this blog, and most of them are free. 

Can you market cannabis on social media?

No. You can promote cannabis products only on selected social media platforms, most of which are mentioned in this blog, with the exceptions of LinkedIn and sites with guideline restrictions against cannabis promotions. 

Is LinkedIn cannabis friendly?

Yes. LinkedIn is one of the big social media sites that allows discussion and content related to cannabis. However, it doesn’t allow the direct promotion of cannabis items.