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  • Phuk’d Up 3.5G Mini THCA Disposable Vapes

    For your customers itching to get Phuk’d Up, introduce them to the vanguard of the vaping world: the Kayo Phuk’d Up 3.5G Mini THCA disposable vape. A shining star from our esteemed Kayo line, this vape is tailored to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s discerning vapers.


  • Yocan ZIVA 510 Cartridge Battery

    If you’ve been looking for a discreet device to fit our Kayo 2g Cartridges, your search for the perfect accomplice is over.

    ZIVA, one latest and greatest 510 batteries from Yocan, allows you activate incognito mode anytime, anywhere. With three variable voltage options and a robust 650mAh rechargeable battery, you can confidently (and tactfully) get “Kayo’d,” and onlookers will be none the wiser.

    ZIVA is also great for those who always find themselves dropping whatever may be in their hands. With a powerful magnetic enclosure surrounding the cartridge, if your device takes a tumble, your Kayo won’t take a spill.

    If your customers have been asking for something a little more nonchalant than a stick battery to accompany their Kayo 2g Cartridges, look no further than the Yocan Ziva.

  • Kayo Limited 3G Disposable Vape

    Get ready to ignite the sales charts with the Kayo Limited 3G Disposable Vapes – the best-kept secret of the vaping industry. These limited edition vapes, an extension of our renowned Kayo line, are guaranteed to become your best-selling sensation. Featuring the captivating strains of Jet Fuel, Wedding Cake, & White Widow they offer a trifecta of indica, sativa, and hybrid delights that will keep your customers coming back for more.

    But remember, these extraordinary vapes won’t stick around for long. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. So, act quickly to secure your inventory of these exclusive strains that are bound to fly off the shelves. With their sleek black-on-black design and packaging that exudes quality, the Kayo Limited 3G Disposable Vapes are the perfect addition to your lineup.

    Elevate your wholesale business with this best-selling sensation and witness the demand for these limited edition vapes that boast exceptional quality, irresistible flavors, and an eye-catching look. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer your customers the pinnacle of vaping excellence. Stock up now and watch your sales soar!

  • Sale! D8 THC Vape Cart Maui Wowie

    Delta 8 THC Cartridges, Hemp-Derived

    With our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge, you are sure to enjoy an upbeat and functional buzz. Our current batch is testing at over 95%  D8 THC with the rest being CBG, CBD, and CBN.  These 1ml premium delta 8 THC vape cartridges are derived from US grown hemp and are federally legal. They are loaded in a 510 compatible cartridge with a ceramic core, providing ultimate performance with each draw. Choose from Indica/Sativa/Hybrid and from various strains!

    We are bringing hemp to the twenty-first century, no more lighters, papers, or grinders. Have a D8 THC vape at the tip of your fingers ready when you are. Try our D-8 THC vape cartridges today!


  • Strawnana CBD Vape Cartridge 1ml

    CBD Vape Cartridge Wholesale

    The CBD industry has changed a lot in recent years. It’s vital to adapt and offer an enticing selection of products to stand out from the competition.

    As a trusted wholesaler serving retailers, we understand the importance of staying ahead of smoke shop industry trends. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our newest high-quality addition to your inventory, CBD vape cartridges.

    These cutting-edge cartridges have attracted a lot of attention in the vape juice market. This is due to their convenient usage and effectiveness, and the high dosage of our best CBD.

    You can tap into a thriving market and provide your customers with a premium smoking alternative. Join us as we explore the benefits of offering wholesale CBD vape cartridges. We’ll also look at how they can elevate your cannabis retail business.

  • Sale!

    Wholesale Starter Pack (Retails for over $2,000)

    Get our Wholesale Starter Pack and transform your inventory into an exciting range of premium-quality cannabis products. By purchasing this pack, you can save over $400, and share our products with your customers at lower than distribution pricing. The pack includes 45 of our best-selling cannabinoid blend disposable vapes and cartridges, 40 potent gummies, and our latest product, High Potency 4200mg Phuk’d Up Gummies. If you are a wholesaler looking to maximize your profitability, get our starter pack and expect strong demand and increased sales.

    Cannot Choose Two Of The Same Strains Or Flavors

    (Wholesale Team Will Choose If Duplicate Flavors Are Selected)

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